Phantom Lures Boogey

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Item No.: F16797


Designed specifically to catch Lake Erie walleye, the Phantom Lures Boogey generates monstrous action and a rumbling rattle that walleye cannot resist. With a deceptively simple appearance, the Boogey will have you believing in ghosts. Its skinny, vertical profile creates a wild, slashing tail motion while the wide horizontal profile provides a larger target for species like walleye, trout, salmon, or pike to attack from any angle. The unique razor-backed design adds more water disturbance, triggering aggressive strikes from hidden or lurking fish. The Boogey features one black hook on the tail and one red hook on the belly to imitate a blood trail in the water. Engineered to erratically dance and thrash in an unpredictable manner, the Boogey performs with excellence in the strike zone. Burn it along the bottom with slow rolls and be prepared for some vicious strikes!

  • Wide horizontal profile with skinny vertical profile
  • Razor-backed design adds more water disturbance
  • Erratically dance and thrash in an unpredictable manner
  • Hand-painted, factory-tuned, and tank-tested
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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