Phantom Lures Abyss

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1 available colors
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5/8 oz.
Hook Size
Diving Depth
18 - 20 ft.
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Product Details

The Phantom Lures Abyss is an individually hand-painted, factory-tuned, and tank-tested crankbait with all the qualities that make it an attractive meal for trophy fish. The Abyss dives deep with a lazy shoulder roll that mimics a wounded minnow. Two internal BBs creates an attention-grabbing rattle that can be heard from afar. This crankbait is equipped with two heavy-duty treble hooks - red on the belly and black on the tail to simulate a blood trail. This versatile lure can be fished effectively with a variety of techniques. The Phantom Lures Abyss is lethal when cast and retrieved deep in the strike zone or twitched around heavy cover. You can also use the Abyss trolling as a deep water search bait.

  • Lazy shoulder roll mimics a wounded minnow
  • Internal rattle
  • Can be casted, twitched, or trolled
  • Individually hand-painted, factory-tuned, and tank-tested
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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Into the Abyss...


Great looking bait. Good detail and components. Has a nice wide tail wag that makes fish bite. I had an eye pop off, but otherwise a quality bait. I only have bone and bumblebee colors, but both have notches on their belt. I'd like to see more colors come in. 4.5 Stars



I love these things so much.

Hog Molly’s!


Been using the firetiger for years on hot summer evening along deep water weedlines. Targets large walleyes extremely well, and scares off the small ones if your into that sort of thing.