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NewPhantom Lures Abyss
Phantom Lures Abyss
19 Colors available
The Phantom Lures Abyss is an individually hand painted, factory tuned, and tank tested crankbait with all the qualities that make it an attractive meal for trophy fish. The Abyss dives deep with a lazy shoulder roll that mimics a wounded minnow. Two internal BBs creates an attention-grabbing rattle that can be heard from afar. This crankbait is equipped with two heavy duty treble hooks, red on the belly and black on the tail to simulate a blood trail. This versatile lure can be fished effective...
Phantom Lures Phantom Softail
Phantom Lures Phantom Softail
6 Colors available
The Phantom Lures Phantom Softail is an incredible slow-sinking jerkbait with a soft tail. This lure will give you the hookset reliability of a hard bait with the teasing action of a soft bait. Use a side-to-side "walk-the-dog" action combined with a slight rolling of the bait at the end of each glide for an incredible presentation with tantalizing belly flash. The Phantom Softail is a countdown's dream for suspended fish.
$19.99 - $24.99
Phantom Lures Freak
Phantom Lures Freak
7 Colors available
The Phantom Lures Freak is a unique and loud topwater bait designed to rouse even the most cynical pike and musky from slumber. The double-bladed tail section is custom tunable for any pitch you desire, and the belly hook is specially engineered to periodically clank with the blades, adding extra noise. The Freak is built tough from high-impact resin that fishes like a maple lure, and the unbendable through-wire construction guarantees a strong, dependable lure.
Phantom Lures Phantom Softail Replacement Tails
Phantom Lures Phantom Softail Repla...
5 Colors available
Phantom Lures Phantom Softail Replacement Tails are made from the same high-quality materials as those included with your Softail lures. These replacement tails are great for when an over-eager fish gets a hold of an easy meal, or when you want to customize your presentation. Phantom Lures Phantom Softail Replacement Tails are made in the U.S.A.
Phantom Lures Tilly
Phantom Lures Tilly
20 Colors available
The Phantom Lures Tilly Jigging Lure is a multi-purpose, battle-born bait designed to pull in gamefish in all situations. This lure is Phantom's smallest at 2.5 inches, but its aggressive flutter on the fall and incorporated strong BB rattle bring in the big perch, sauger, and walleye that you are dreaming of. The Phantom Lures Tilly will be your new best friend.