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NewNuCanoe Pursuit Fishing Kayak
NuCanoe Pursuit Fishing Kayak
4 Colors available
By combining stability, high-performance paddling, and an open deck, the NuCanoe Pursuit Fishing Kayak provides the ultimate kayak fishing experience without compromise. At 35 inches wide, the Pursuit is one of the most stable fishing kayaks available. NuCanoe's revolutionary CustomHeight 360 pinnacle seat provides incredible lumbar support without impeding your natural range of motion for paddling and fishing. Some integrated features include four internal rod tubes, two cup holders, two flush ...
NewNuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak
NuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak
4 Colors available
The NuCanoe Flint Fishing Kayak is a high-quality boat at an incredible price! The Flint is smaller, lighter, and has more features than more expensive models. With a length just over 11 feet, this fishing kayak handles exceptionally well and tracks straight like an arrow. Designed with a strong, open deck layout, you can fully customize your kayak with accessories and gear. Non-slip deck padding combined with its unique scupper hole channel design enables you to fish comfortably and safely whil...
NewNuCanoe Junior Seat
NuCanoe Junior Seat
Make room for your little fishing buddy with the NuCanoe Junior Seat! This low-profile seat mounts to the Freedom Track and is easy to adjust. This seat is compatible with your Frontier or Pursuit kayaks.
NewNuCanoe Flint 360 Seat Kit
NuCanoe Flint 360 Seat Kit
Upgrade your seat on your kayak with the NuCanoe Flint 360 Seat Kit. This awesome kit provides you with 360 degrees of mobility and adds two to three inches of height to your seat. The package also includes a quick release switch so you can slide the seat off the base during transportation. All you need is a 7/16 in. wrench to easily install the NuCanoe Flint 360 Seat Kit.
NewNuCanoe Elite Kit for Slide Drawer / Slide Mount
NuCanoe Elite Kit for Slide Drawer ...
Upgrade your rig to make it tournament-worthy with the NuCanoe Elite Kit for Slide Drawer / Slide Mount. The Elite Kit includes one Bullwinkle rod stager and one RotoGrip paddle holder. The Bullwinkle rod stager is an excellent tool if you have multiple rods ready to go. It also features a slot to hold your Hawg trough! The RotoGrip paddle holder grips the paddle shaft between two soft rollers to secure it with just the right amount of tension. Both items will easily attach to the top of the Sli...
NewNuCanoe Foot Pegs
NuCanoe Foot Pegs
For additional support while paddling, install NuCanoe Foot Pegs on your Frontier or Pursuit kayak! These pegs install right into the Freedom Track built onto your kayak and are easily adjustable to fit your optimum paddling position.
NewNuCanoe Pursuit / Flint Slide Mount
NuCanoe Pursuit / Flint Slide Mount
Keep all your gear and more within arm's reach on your kayak with the NuCanoe Pursuit / Flint Slide Mount! This slide mount is the perfect place for rod holders, GoPro mounts, and even transducer arm mounts. The mount's pre-drilled slots are compatible with a variety of mounts and base so you can easily secure your mounts. Show off your gear with the NuCanoe Pursuit / Flint Slide Mount.
NewNuCanoe Pursuit Slide Drawer
NuCanoe Pursuit Slide Drawer
To store your tackle and small gear within arm's reach, use the NuCanoe Pursuit Slide Drawer! This slide drawer fits in the bow crate space of your Pursuit kayak. It features 18 inches of Freedom Track on top of the drawer, allowing you to mount even more accessories! This special drawer fits one 3700 series or two 3600 series Plano Stowaway boxes.
NewNuCanoe Quick-Release Kit for 360 Seats
NuCanoe Quick-Release Kit for 360 S...
For a fast and easy removal of your 360 seat, use the NuCanoe Quick-Release Kit for 360 Seats. This Quick-Release bracket is compatible with rigid or swivel 360 seats on your Frontier or Pursuit kayak. Removing your seat makes transportation much more convenient!
NewNuCanoe Track Straps
NuCanoe Track Straps
Secure your cooler, tackle crate, battery or other items to the deck floor of your kayak with NuCanoe Track Straps. The included mighty bolts and knobs fit into freedom tracks (sold separately) and can be positioned virtually anywhere. The last thing you want to do is lose some gear on the water, and the NuCanoe Track Straps will make sure that doesn't happen.
NewNuCanoe Transom Motor Plate
NuCanoe Transom Motor Plate
To protect the transom of your vessel, secure the motor, and plug the transom hole with the NuCanoe Transom Motor Plate. This lipped plate ensures the motor stays in place, with no slipping. This kit features an expanding plug to plug the transom hole for a secure fit. Keep the value of your kayak high and protect your trolling motor with the NuCanoe Transom Motor Plate.