Northland Gum-Drop Floater Jig

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$3.49 to $11.99
Item No.: F19873
$3.49 to $11.99


Easily float over moss, weeds, and even rocky bottoms with the Northland Gum-Drop Floater Jig. Made with a soft and chewy foam body, the Gum-Drop Floater pairs perfectly with a leech, minnow, or even a nightcrawler. You can fish a variety of waters with the Gum-Drop Floater Jig just by changing their leader's length. Fishing in clear water, it is best to use 60 to 84 inches of leader, while stained water is fished best at 12 to 24 inches of leader, and on average, 24 to 48 inches will be sufficient. Perfect for walleye, perch, jumbo panfish, bass, and trout, the Northland Gum-Drop Floater Jig is a perfectly versatile lure!

  • Soft and chewy foam body
  • Incredible for floating live bait over moss, weeds, and rocky bottom areas
  • Designed for walleye, perch, jumbo panfish, bass, and trout
  • Tip with a leech, minnow, or nightcrawler

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