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Nines Optics Santee Sunglasses

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This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

Look no further for all-day cool comfort with the Nines Optics Santee Sunglasses! Constructed with a TR-90 thermoplastic material in the frame, these sunglasses are flexible, lightweight, and durable. NIRTECH Polarized and NIR lenses are effective at blocking harmful rays. Built with 9 layers of lens protections and top-of-the-line technologies, these sunglasses are cool, comfortable, and effective. Each pair of Santee Sunglasses features anti-glare, anti-reflective, and hydrophobic coatings to help keep your lenses clean and provide you with the clearest vision possible.

  • 9 layers of lens protection
    • NIRTECH NIR heatshield
    • Blue light shield
    • 100% UVA and UVB blocking
    • Hydrophobic coating
    • Oleophobic coating
    • Ploarized/anti-glare
    • Anti-reflection coating
    • Multi-layer mirror
    • Hard Coating X2

  • NIRTECH Polarized (Near Infrared Radiation Technology)
    • Most tinted lenses will provide some absorption to dampen brightness, but only a polarized lens can effectively eliminate blinding glare. Glare is concentrated light reflecting off a horizontal shiny surface, such as sand, water, snow or asphalt roads. It reduces visibility and can make it uncomfortable, painful and even dangerous to carry on driving, cycling, skiing or fishing. With polarized sunglasses they will stop the glare and make the water appear more transparent enabling you to see fish and rocks below the surface and giving you more depth and color contrast to your surrounding.
  • NIR lenses (Near Infrared Radiation Protection)
    • Nines lenses not only block harmful Near Infrared light (NIR) but also keep lens clarity unlike other NIR lenses. NIR rays are very harmful for the eye, even though most Infrared light is broken down by the atmosphere there still is a high percentage that makes it through. Skin exposed to IR light provides a warning mechanism against thermal effect in the form of pain (direct sunlight against skin). Eyes, on the other hand, may not. Since the eye cannot detect IR, blinking or closing the eyes to help prevent or reduce damage may not happen. IR raises the internal temperature of the eye, essentially "baking" it. Medical studies indicate that prolonged IR exposure can lead to lens, cornea and retina damage, including cataracts, corneal ulcer.
  • Hydrophobic lens coating technology
    • Essentially any water (or sweat) which gets on the lens will form a droplet and will not spread out, causing visual distortion. The hydrophobic coating helps the run-off of water droplets from the lens surface. Tension between the water and the hydrophobic surface is lower meaning if any droplets get on a hydrophobic lens they are more likely to run off the lens than a normal sunglass lens. This is a definite benefit in the rain, or out on a boat or even for those who sweat onto the lenses. The hydrophobic coating resists stains and repels grease from fingerprints, so cleaning your lenses is quicker and easier.
  • TR-90 nylon frame
    • Using thermoplastic material in a frame; these particular sunglasses offer extreme comfort because of their flexibility and quality. They can easily bend accordingly to your face texture and is resilient for ground impacts. Ideal because they are extremely lightweight, durable and with an added anti-corrosive coating these sunglasses are made for the true angler.
  • Anti-reflective AR coating
    • Light from the sun not only enters from the front of your sunglasses but from all sides including the back of the lens which can reflect light directly back into your eye. The ability of Anti-Reflective coating is to virtually eliminate reflections from the front and back surfaces of your sunglasses lenses while improving vision by reducing eye strain and fatigue. Anti-reflective coating also helps in repelling dirt and oils that come in contact with your lens.
  • Anti-corrosive hinges
    • Crafted with non-corrosive grade material for freshwater and saltwater environments.

  • Anti-glare coating
  • Micro-fiber sunglasses pouch that doubles as a lens cleaning cloth
  • Hard case with Nines emblem
  • Floating retainer included
  • Qty. per Pack: 1

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