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NewSimms G3 Guide Camo Stockingfoot Chest Waders
Simms G3 Guide Camo Stockingfoot Ch...
River Camo
Stealth is essential, even in the water, and Simms G3 Guide Camo Stockingfoot Chest Waders distort fish's ability to detect shapes and movements. These stockingfoot chest waders use an exclusive, scientifically-engineered camouflage created by Veil Camo. Built with a GORE-TEX pro shell, these waders can withstand harsh environments and keep you warm and dry during your fishing outing. Equipped with a zippered chest pocket and a flip-out tippet tender pocket, there is plenty of room for your flie...
NewCompass 360 Deadfall Stockingfoot Guide Wading Pants
Compass 360 Deadfall Stockingfoot G...
Compass 360 Deadfall Stockingfoot Guide Wading Pants are a phenomenal breathable wading option without suspenders. These waterproof fishing pants offer excellent protection to anglers who tread in water while fly fishing. Constructed with durable 4-ply nylon with double-taped 4mm 100% high density neoprene booties, these wading pants ensure you stay dry and comfortable during your fishing trip. With a customizable fit with an elastic back and adjustable web wading belt, you have full mobility wh...
NewCompass 360 Duratek Neoprene Chest Waders
Compass 360 Duratek Neoprene Chest ...
For an exceptionally comfortable and dry fishing experience, look to the Compass 360 Duratek Neoprene Chest Waders. Compass combined its rugged 5 mm neoprene with a puncture-resistant Dura-Span stretch nylon shell to give you fishing waders that are guaranteed 100% waterproof! The stretchable nylon provides flexibility and agility, which is essential during fishing. These waders utilize a triple seam technology that includes glue, stitching, and taped seams to ensure water does not seep through....

At a Glance: Waders

Waders are standard equipment for anglers walking or wading into a stream, lake or other bodies of water. Traditionally waders are made of rubber or neoprene. With advances in technology, many waders today are made of synthetic materials such as nylon. Waders not made of rubber or neoprene are typically described as "breathable" waders. Rubber waders are still available, and neoprene waders are used mostly for cold water wading.

Waders come in several styles:

  • Hip boots, or "hippers" are waders covering the foot up to the hip, and you need a pair of hip boots.
  • Waist-high waders are an integral pair of waders, coming up to your waist, and are used for lower waters where you will not be wading deeper than your waist.
  • Chest high waders are traditional waders, similar in style to bibs, and have shoulder straps to hold them up.

Waders also come in several foot styles:

  • Stockingfoot waders have a bootie connected to the wader and are typically made of neoprene. You must have wading boots with stockingfoot waders.
  • Bootfoot waders have the boot integrated into the waders. The boot can be insulated, for cold water wading, or uninsulated.

Finally, bootfoot waders also come in several styles:

  • Cleated bootfoot waders are a general boot with rubber cleats permanently attached to the bottom.
  • Felt bootfoot waders are designed for wading on slippery stream surfaces like algae, where cleats or studs would be unable to grip.
  • Studded bootfoot waders provide the maximum traction, especially on stone-bottom streams. Studded bootfoot waders can come with permanent or removable studs on the bottom of the boot.

Top brands of waders at FishUSA include Simms, Pro Line, Frogg Toggs, Hodgman, Chota Outdoor Gear, and Redington.