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Spinning Reels
NewOkuma Azores Blue Saltwater Spinning Reel
Okuma Azores Blue Saltwater Spinnin...
4 Models available
To battle monster saltwater fish, the Okuma Azores Blue Saltwater Spinning Reel is a heavy-duty and affordable option in a sleek blue color. The dual anti-reverse system featured in this reel means the catch will come with ease. The one-way clutch bearing is joined by a ratcheting anti-reverse which is molded into the bottom of the rotor for an increased diameter and larger teeth.
$139.99 - $149.99
NewOkuma Surf 8K Spinning Reel
Okuma Surf 8K Spinning Reel
World-renowned and trusted Okuma has released their latest spinning reel to bring the ultimate distance to your cast. The Okuma Surf 8k Spinning Reel offers a high-quality, lightweight reel with an extreme capacity to every cast. This reel is designed alongside leading surf fishermen around the country to meet every need of a spinning surf reel. The Surf 8k features a graphite rotor matched with side plates and frame to provide durability with a lightweight feel. A significant key the Surf 8K re...
NewOkuma Avenger New Generation Spinning Reel
Okuma Avenger New Generation Spinni...
7 Models available
Okuma's longest standing reel family just got better! The Okuma Avenger New Generation Spinning Reel utilizes Okuma's superior proprietary technologies with one new key feature: Cyclonic Flow Rotor (CFR) technology. CFR significantly increases airflow throughout the rotor to dry the reel faster, thus minimizing corrosion. This spinning reel also features a corrosion-resistant graphite body and rotor with a multi-disc felt drag system that provides smooth line movement. For the ultimate in smooth...
$39.99 - $59.99
NewDaiwa Eliminator Spinning Reel
Daiwa Eliminator Spinning Reel
6 Models available
Suitable for both fresh and saltwater applications, the Daiwa Eliminator Spinning Reel is durable, lightweight, and delivers tournament-caliber performance at an excellent price. Built using its proprietary HardBodyZ concept, the Daiwa reel features a narrow profile design with a rigid aluminum alloy body that houses a state-of-the-art, digitally-developed DigiGear to smoothly and efficiently transmit power for maximum performance and endurance. The air rotor's unique shape distributes stress mo...
$89.99 - $119.99
NewShimano Catana FD Spinning Reel
Shimano Catana FD Spinning Reel
4 Models available
The Shimano Catana FD Spinning Reel provides precision and power in a budget-friendly option. Housed in a sleek stealth black design, this reel utilizes all of Shimano's proven technologies so that you can expect high-quality performance along with style. This spinning reel has increased maximum drag, giving it the ability to fight big fish. The Catana FD Spinning Reel features a Propulsion Line Management System that provides trouble-free casting with longer distances while preventing backlashe...
$39.99 - $49.99

At a Glance: Spinning Reels

Spinning reels, also referred to as “open-faced” or “fixed-spool” reels, mount to the underside of spinning rods that have either fixed reel seats or sliding rings on the handle. They feature a long stem to keep the moving parts of the reel away from the angler’s fingers. Spinning reels have a bail wire which rotates around the fixed spool to wrap the line onto the spool, so there is minimal chance of having a “bird’s nest” occur as with casting reels. The lack of a rotating spool also allows the reel to handle extremely lightweight lures and terminal tackle. The design of a spinning reel does cause line to twist and turn as it reeled in and wound onto the spool. Many anglers counter this effect by using snap swivels or ball bearing swivels to allow their lures to function as intended without interference from the line twist. Anti-reverse bearings allow an angler to set the hook on a strike without having the bail wire to turn backwards. By turning this feature off with a simple lever, an angler can back-reel. This allows the handle to be rotated backwards to feed line back off the spool in a controlled manner while fighting large fish without relying on the drag system. Internal gearing will make the bail spin around the spool faster than the handle is being turned, but the gear ratios are not quite as fast as casting reels. The line retrieval is comparable to many casting reels due to the diameter of spinning reel spools being much larger. Another advantage they have is that the spools are typically removable and allow an angler to have multiple spools for a single reel, making one spinning reel capable of use for multiple fishing tactics and species. Due to the open-design of the moving parts, anglers should only use spinning reels rated for saltwater in saltwater conditions.

The top brands of spinning reels at FishUSA include Daiwa, Mitchell, Okuma, Pflueger and Shimano.