Buy any 12 Bay Rat Lures and get a FREE Bay Rat Lures Made in America T-shirt! While supplies last.Buy 2, Get the 3rd FREE On VMC Hook Packs
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Buy any 12 Bay Rat Lures and get a FREE Bay Rat Lures Made in America T-shirt! While supplies last.Buy 2, Get the 3rd FREE On VMC Hook Packs
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Buy any 12 Bay Rat Lures and get a FREE Bay Rat Lures Made in America T-shirt! While supplies last.
Buy any 12 Bay Rat Lures and get a FREE Bay Rat Lures Made in America T-shirt! While supplies last.
NewNorthland Quick-Change Weight Snap Clevis
Northland Quick-Change Weight Snap ...
The Northland Quick-Change Weight Snap Clevis is constructed to allow for quick, easy, and efficient changes. The interchangeable design is perfect for blades or weights. This clevis is made from durable plastic to reduce line damage.
NewLuhr Jensen Hydro Vibe Hoochie
Luhr Jensen Hydro Vibe Hoochie
8 Colors available
The Luhr Jensen Hydro Vibe Hoochie has a unique vented blade mixed with a vibrant multi-layered skirt to create a truely powerful fishing bait. The exclusive blade design creates more vibration when water passes through the vent and requires less pulling speed to do so! These ground-breaking features are complemented by the realistic arrow-shaped head, plastic accent beads, and a corrosion-resistant VMC Perma Steel treble hook.
NewZ-Man StreakZ Curly TailZ
Z-Man StreakZ Curly TailZ
6 Colors available
The Z-Man StreakZ Curly TailZ are feature a rugged, fat minnow body with a curly tail and a distinctive swimming movement that drives fish crazy! This bait can be fished in a wide manner of ways making it a valuable and flexible bait to use for any situation. Rig it however you would like knowing these durable baits, made with Z-Man's strong ElaZtech construction, will stand the test of time when compared to others!
NewZ-Man Slim SwimZ
Z-Man Slim SwimZ
18 Colors available
The Z-Man Slim SwimZ provides all the softness, swimming action, and durability you expect, but in a smaller bait package! The slim paddle tail and compact size make it perfect for crappie, white bass, and small and largemouth bass, but this bait also can be useful in saltwater. With its unique swimming action and durable construction, Slim SwimZ will pair well with any fisherman's routine.
NewZ-Man Scented Curly TailZ
Z-Man Scented Curly TailZ
12 Colors available
The Z-Man Scented Curly TailZ are a durable pot-bellied baitfish imitator that smells and moves just like the real thing! Utilizing the strong ElaZtech construction and backed up by the natural Pro Cure baitfish scent, this swimbait will be a hit on your next fishing outing. A belly slot offers a variety of jigging options and can be paired nicely with most jig heads for maximum customization.
NewZ-Man EZ EggZ
Z-Man EZ EggZ
4 Colors available
Z-Man EZ EggZ are a naturally buoyant and scented egg bait that steelhead, trout, and salmon will all go wild for! Each durable strand is constructed of Z-Man's ElaZtech material that has been impregnated with natural shrimp scents. Fish them separately or in a strand to mimic a egg cluster, and you are bound to feel fish biting all day long.
NewCotton Cordell Ripplin' Red Fin
Cotton Cordell Ripplin' Red Fin
13 Colors available
The Cotton Cordell Ripplin' Red Fin is a lure anglers have used over the years to fish a variety of gamefish, especially walleye and bass. This bait can be used to fish the top or just below the surface with its one-of-a-kind motion. This Cotton Cordell lure is constructed from high-quality plastic with a glossy finish, sharp treble hooks, and durable split rings. The Ripplin' Red Fin can dive to three feet with a wobble action or side-to-side twitching action that fish won’t be able to resist.
NewBandit 300 Series Crankbait
Bandit 300 Series Crankbait
25 Colors available
The Bandit 300 Series Crankbait is constructed from high-quality plastics with a high-gloss finish in a variety of colors. This lure is a favorite with anglers for its durability, price, and the ability to attract fish, thanks to its shape and wobble action. The Bandit 300 Series Crankbait is great for targeting bass and crappie.
NewYo-Zuri 3DB Knuckle Bait
Yo-Zuri 3DB Knuckle Bait
7 Colors available
The Yo-Zuri 3DB Knuckle Bait is no ordinary wire spinnerbait. This bait features a 3D prism Sound Ball with a flutter fall and erratic swimming motion that produces a unique, fish-enticing action. This truly one-of-a-kind bait can be fished anywhere at any speed. This 1/2-ounce wire bait was designed to be as aerodynamic as possible to make casting long distances a breeze!
NewUmpqua Morningwood Stone - 2 Pack
Umpqua Morningwood Stone - 2 Pack
The Umpqua Morningwood Stone is uniquely constructed by fly designer Charlie Craven, who had been tying flies from a young age. The soft materials and a foam body gives this fly excellent flotation and a realistic profile. The Umpqua Morningwood Stone is durable and has seen large success with rainbow and brown trout, but also works well as a bass fly too.
NewBerkley Blank Flicker Shad Crankbait
Berkley Blank Flicker Shad Crankbait
The Berkley Blank Flicker Shad Crankbait is designed for those anglers who want to paint their own custom colors. This white bait comes with the hooks packaged separately, so it is ready to paint right away. Flicker Shad crankbaits feature a rattle and roll, flicker action which mimics fleeing or injured baitfish. This flicker action, along with the built-in rattles, triggers predatory gamefish to strike.
NewSavage Gear 3D Goby Hollow Tube
Savage Gear 3D Goby Hollow Tube
12 Colors available
The Savage Gear 3D Goby Hollow Tube is the first 3D tube of its kind that perfectly mimics goby and freshwater sculpin species! These gobies are ideal for any tube-style jig heads from 1/8 to 3/4 ounces and are available in best smallmouth and largemouth bass colors. Side fins allow for a gliding action that drive fish crazy, no matter which dragging or hopping technique you use!
NewNorthland Buck-A-Roo Jig
Northland Buck-A-Roo Jig
7 Colors available
The Northland Buck-A-Roo Jig is a life-like minnow jig that will be warmly received into any fisher's tackle box and arsenal! Each of these individually-packaged, hand-tied buck hair jigs pulsate, flutter, and swim like a real minnow. Features include premium Mustad Ultra-Point hooks, life-like colors, and baitfish swimming motions
$1.99 - $2.29
NewNorthland Baitfish-Image Spinner Harness
Northland Baitfish-Image Spinner Ha...
12 Colors available
The Northland Baitfish-Image Spinner Harness will beckon active fish from near and far to swim by for a bite. The rig's allure is its highly-reflective "fish scale" attractor blade that will not go unnoticed by any walleye! The spinner harness is always a fish’s formidable foe when baited with minnows, crawlers, leeches, and Impulse tails.
NewNorthland Impulse Core Swimbait
Northland Impulse Core Swimbait
8 Colors available
The Northland Impulse Core Swimbait is a ribbed, extra-soft bait with super-charged Impulse Instinctual Attractant guaranteed to give you results the competition won't. In addition to its amazing scent, the Aqua-dynamic boot tail will constantly deliver its distinct fluttering motion at any retrieve speed. Built with a durable plastic blend, these Impulse baits will out last any live bait option and keep fish biting long after its hooked onto your rig.
NewNorthland Impulse Ringworm
Northland Impulse Ringworm
6 Colors available
The Northland Impulse Ringworm features a body ringed by ultra-soft hoops and trailed by its vibrant Double-Curl Screwtail. This design will wiggle and flail its way into fishes hearts, and then their mouths! The Ringworm was made for finesse fishing walleye or bass by crawling and wiggling to torment even the most reserved fish. Scented with Impulse's signature blend and built to withstand the rigors of continuous fishing, these durable soft baits will outlast any live bait.
NewNorthland Impulse Mini Smelt
Northland Impulse Mini Smelt
8 Colors available
The Northland Impulse Mini Smelt is a top tier soft bait that has been proven to be 143% more effective than other leading brands. This package is full of minnow imitations that are molded from quality soft plastics and feature the perfect GliderTail. This tail design lets it jut, glide, and juke through the water like a real minnow! The Impulse Mini Smelt is an effective bait all year long, through the ice, in the creek, or in open water.
NewNorthland Impulse Smelt Minnow
Northland Impulse Smelt Minnow
5 Colors available
The Northland Impulse Smelt Minnow's erratic darting and jutting action of a distressed baitfish, backed up by Impulse's scent, will have fish coming out in droves. Featuring a sleek aerodynamic minnow profile and colors that simulate natural prey, this rugged baitfish is perfect for any outing. Built to withstand the rigors of continuous fishing, these durable soft baits will outlast any live bait.
NewNorthland Slurp! Jig Heads
Northland Slurp! Jig Heads
5 Colors available
Northland Slurp! Jig Heads are the perfect jig for soft swimbaits. These jig heads sport a big bite hook to secure your target fish. The BarbWire collar fastens the head firmly to any soft bait without tearing large openings into it, ensuring future use of your precious baits. Slurp! Jig Heads are painted in a variety of colors to suit your jigging needs and even come in an assorted colors pack.
$2.99 - $5.29
NewNorthland Forage Minnow Baitfish-Image Spoon
Northland Forage Minnow Baitfish-Im...
4 Colors available
The Northland Forage Minnow Baitfish-Image Spoon features a holographic minnow-imitating design proven to outfish other conventional spoons by a 3-to-1 ratio! One of the most lifelike casting spoons, its minnow design wiggles, shakes, flutters, and flashes just like a crippled minnow. Available in enticing patterns with blood red hooks that will get fish swimming its way in no time.
$4.29 - $4.49
NewUmpqua El Camino - 2 Pack
Umpqua El Camino - 2 Pack
2 Colors available
The Umpqua El Camino pattern was designed by Andrew Grillos, who started his fly fishing career at an early age. This fly has a has life-like appeal and offers the perfect stonefly profile. The El Camino is tied with quality materials and hooks.
$4.49 - $4.99
NewUmpqua Mimic May Green Drake - 2 Pack
Umpqua Mimic May Green Drake - 2 Pack
The Umpqua Mimic May Green Drake pattern was designed by Chad Johnson. This fly offers life-like appeal and is tied with quality materials and hooks. The Mimic May Green Drake is excellent for trout fishing.
NewUmpqua Damsel Leech ZT - 2 Pack
Umpqua Damsel Leech ZT - 2 Pack
3 Colors available
The Umpqua Damsel Leech ZT pattern was designed by Zack Thurman. This fly is great for all seasons, but is especially effective in the fall. The marabou tail on the Damsel Leech ZT provides that perfect "breathing" action you want in a nymph. The Damsel Leech is perfect for steelhead and trout.
NewDynamic Trout Attack
Dynamic Trout Attack
5 Colors available
The Dynamic Trout Attack is one of Dynamic's most versatile multi-purpose swimbaits that comes with its own specially designed jig heads! The jig head was designed to not only allow it to deflect off of deep down structures but also help fuel its unique paddle tail action. The Dynamic Trout Attack is iddeal for many situations and fishing styles
NewDynamic Trout Spinnerbait
Dynamic Trout Spinnerbait
5 Colors available
The Dynamic Trout Spinnerbait offers a fresh, snag-free design that will help make fishing near obstacles a hassle-free experience! Target fish at any depth or hiding in any location without the fear of lost bait, snagging pesky logs, or pulling up a haul of weeds by using this bait! This user-friendly model and quality constructed lure is terrific for trout, crappie, perch, or other panfish.
NewKeitech Fat Swing Impact
Keitech Fat Swing Impact
15 Colors available
The Keitech Fat Swing Impact takes swimbaits to the next level with its unique swim motion at any retrieve speed. These baits are balanced by Keitech's two-tone color injection process and feature tapered and ribbed bodies, which helps give the paddle tail its swimming action. With a natural swimming motion and durable construction, the Fat Swing Impact is a valuable addition to anyone's bait arsenal. These baits are packaged snugly in blisters in order to protect their integrity and help keep t...
$5.49 - $6.29
NewKeitech Swing Impact
Keitech Swing Impact
17 Colors available
Keitech Swing Impact baits are two-tone, scented, fishing delights. Keitech's dual-injected baits, with two different salted plastics, plus a custom squid scent provide a classic swimbait guaranteed to deliver results. The Swing Impact features a ribbed core and specially designed tail that work together to provide a unique swim action sure to get noticed by any fish.
$4.49 - $4.79
NewKeitech Tungsten Super Round Jig Heads
Keitech Tungsten Super Round Jig Heads
Keitech Tungsten Super Round Head Jigs are some of the best lead-free jig heads on the market today. These tungsten jig heads have a compact size-to-weight ratio, sharp hooks, and dense material, which together make for a potent jig terrific for any occasion. Each jig features a custom-made hook designed with a special bend to increase hook strength dramatically. Keitech Super Round Heads are available in a variety of sizes and weights for whatever your fishing rig or style demands.
NewDamiki Vault
Damiki Vault
9 Colors available
The Damiki Vault is a small, vibration, blade bait offering anglers three settings for tying the line. The front hole provides maximum action for vertical jigging. The middle hole is great for a medium to fast retrieve, and the rear hole provides maximum vibration for slow retrieves. This lure is great for targeting bass, in addition to a variety of other species, thanks to its realistic eyes and colors. The Damiki Vault features high-quality, super-sharp Viper hooks.
$5.99 - $6.49
NewDamiki Vortex 75
Damiki Vortex 75
6 Colors available
The Damiki Vortex 75 offers anglers two settings to adjust the lure’s action and running depth depending on the effect wanted. This lure is durable enough to fish down deep in any coldwater column. The Vortex 75 is great for targeting a wide range of species with the just the right amount of flash and vibration.
NewSilver Buddy Blade Bait
Silver Buddy Blade Bait
The Silver Buddy Blade Bait was invented by Paul "Buddy" Banks in 1983, known for his mastery of smallmouth bass fishing! All these years later, the Silver Buddy is still bringing a unique vibration and action thanks to its weight distribution design. Each bait comes with a pair of VMC PS fresh/saltwater treble hooks and is made right here in the U.S.A!
$5.49 - $8.49
NewMoonshine Harness Blades
Moonshine Harness Blades
16 Colors available
Moonshine Harness Blades will add a vibrant glow and spinning action to your custom spinner lure. The custom glow paint make these perfect, not only for night fishing, but also at deeper depths. In each pack, you will receive three #5 blades with hammered copper or silver backs.
$7.99 - $9.99
NewA-TOM-MIK Meat Rig
A-TOM-MIK Meat Rig
12 Colors available
The A-TOM-MIK Meat Rig is perfect for cut bait fishing. This rig features a leader with a swivel below the third fly for easy leader replacement. The A-TOM-MIK Meat Rig is tied with 40 pound Gamma fluorocarbon line, 80 pound stainless steel bead chain, and a treble hook.
NewWorden's Fat Wiggler
Worden's Fat Wiggler
10 Colors available
The Worden's Fat Wiggler has become a favorite with anglers over the years for salmon, steelhead, bass, and other game fish. It’s the first lure to provide an extremely wide wiggle at a super slow trolling speed, while still having the ability to run straight into the currents at high trolling speeds. The construction of the Fat Wiggler is a one piece molded body and lip with multiple rattles for added attraction. The Worden's Fat Wiggler can be forward trolled, back trolled, or cast and has the...
NewYakima Mulkey Guide Flash Spinner
Yakima Mulkey Guide Flash Spinner
6 Colors available
The Yakima Mulkey Guide Flash Spinner makes a great spinner for salmon trolling. This spinner features a premium Owner hook and a durable powder coat with a UV finish that will withstand a beating. The blade design generates high vibrations that create powerful strobe-like reflections. The Mulkey Guide Flash Spinner will attract more fish into striking.
NewWorden's Wobble Glo
Worden's Wobble Glo
10 Colors available
The Worden's Wobble Glo offers a great action and is perfect for casting, drifting, trolling, backtrolling, and plunking. The unique design of the Wobble Glo provides an enticing wobble action to any drift rig.
NewHildebrandt Squid Spinner
Hildebrandt Squid Spinner
8 Colors available
The Hildebrandt Squid Spinner is constructed of high-quality components that will deliver excellent performance. This spinner features a soft squid body with a heavyggauge blade for maximum vibrations. Other compnents include a stainless steel wire shaft for strength and two metal bearing beads that support the clevis for ultimate blade spin. The Hildebrandt Squid Spinner is one of the best on the market today.
NewHildebrandt Spinner
Hildebrandt Spinner
16 Colors available
The Hildebrandt Spinner is one of the best on the market today. This spinner is constructed of high-quality components that will deliver excellent performance every time. Components include a heavy-gauge blade for maximum vibrations, stainless steel wire shaft for strength, and two metal bearing beads that support the clevis for ultimate blade spin. The Hildebrandt Spinner has a nickel-plated blade to attract the fish at any retrieve speed.

At a Glance: Lures & Bait

Lures and baits are imitations and preserved forms of baitfish and invertebrates designed to attract predatory fish to a specific location to be caught by the hooks attached to the lures. This is the largest, most varied category of all fishing tackle. The word lure typically refers to the imitations made for casting and trolling. Baits refer to the preserved baitfish and fish parts, along with artificial baits, which may contain natural and synthetic substances to closely imitate smaller creatures and their scents. Some lures and baits can be combined to increase their effectiveness, and many anglers will modify them to create unique actions and profiles to fool heavily pressured fish.

Most lures are designed for specific tactics, water conditions, depths, speeds and predatory fish species. Lures range in weight from 1/124 oz. to several ounces, and are designed to float, suspend, sink or dive at controlled depths and increments as needed. Lures can be finished in multitudes of surface designs and colors including neons, metallics, glow, ultra-violet, and transparent finishes. The type of finish is dependent on the species they are imitating and the effect intended. They can also have different mechanical designs such as jointed sections, internal rattles, and trailer hooks. The different subcategories of lures and baits available at FishUSA include hard baits, soft baits, jigs and jig heads, spoons, spinners, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits, artificial baits, prepared and cured baits, attractants and cures, worm harnesses, trolling rigs and flies, lure components and flies.

Most hard baits were originally carved from wood, which has been mostly replaced by plastics in modern lure-making, while metals are used for others. Specific types of hard baits are stickbaits, crankbaits, jerkbaits, swimbaits, jigging lures and blade baits and topwater lures. Soft baits are rubber, silicone or other soft plastics molded into swimbaits, grubs, worms, tubes and other baitfish patterns. Jigs and jig heads are lead, tungsten, or tin weights molded onto specially designed hooks with long shanks to accept soft baits or materials to imitate various creatures. Spoons are metallic “blades” with shapes and bends similar to the eating utensil, and most often imitate swimming or injured baitfish for casting, jigging and trolling. Spinners feature metal blades which spin freely on a weighted or unweighted stiff-wire shaft and create wide-reaching vibrations to trigger fish to chase and strike. Spinnerbaits are combinations of jigs and spinners creating larger profiles and tremendous vibration and motion.

Artificial baits are products designed to specifically imitate the look and scent of live bait without the expense and difficulty of storing live bait. These include hard and soft plastic eggs and roe, paste and dough, nuggets made of similar compounds to dough but hold their shape better, larvae and waxies, and baitfish. Prepared and cured baits are natural eggs and roe, baitfish and cutbait, and worms. All of these have been preserved to prevent rot and decay. Attractants and cures are liquids and pastes to coat and spray scent onto lures, preserve and cure your own eggs and baitfish, and to attract fish to specific areas in the water.

Worm harnesses are similar to spinners but are pre-made bait rigs with blades, weights, and typically two hooks to hold nightcrawler worms for moderately-sized predatory fish. Some trolling rigs and flies function as large versions of worm harnesses to hold cutbait, while others are designed to have trolling flies or other small profile lures attached for large freshwater and saltwater species. Lure components are offered for the anglers wishing to build their own custom trolling rigs or to modify commercial harnesses.

Flies make up the final category of Lures and Bait and are specifically designed for fly fishing anglers targeting both saltwater and freshwater species. Dry flies are very light flies designed to float on the water’s surface, imitating flying insects in their adult stage. Nymphs, emergers and wet flies are tied to imitate the early and middle stages of an insect’s life below the surface. Streamers and muddlers are typically larger flies imitating baitfish, crayfish, leeches and other swimming creatures. Worms, sowbugs and scuds are imitations of bugs and worms which often fall from trees overhanging the streambanks. Poppers imitate frogs, mice and large bugs moving and splashing on the surface. Terrestrials imitate grasshoppers, crickets and ants that feed hungry fish when they miss the next blade of grass and end up in the water. Crayfish are wide-profile wet flies imitating the crab-like crayfish that are food for fish in streams, rivers and ponds. Egg patterns imitate single eggs and egg clusters primarily used for trout and salmon.

The top five lure and bait brands at FishUSA are Rapala, Yo-Zuri, Berkley, Reef Runner and Smithwick.

Spend $25 in Savage Gear, Receive $5 by Mail!
Spend $25 in Savage Gear, Receive $5 by Mail!