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NewO-Wacky O-Rings
O-Wacky O-Rings
O-Wacky O-Rings offer you a perfect way to set up a wacky rig for catching bass, walleye, and more. The traditional wacky rig becomes expensive each time a fish grabs the bait and it gets torn from the place it is connected to the hook. O-Rings allow you to set up wacky rig without having to insert the hook into the bait. Just slid the O-Ring to the center of the bait and insert the fish hook through the O-Ring. It securely holds the bait while providing a designated hook slot to rig your hook p...
NewO-Wacky Wacky Rig Tool with Lanyard
O-Wacky Wacky Rig Tool with Lanyard
The O-Wacky Wacky Rig Tool with Lanyard is the easiest and the quickest way to set up a wacky style rig or Neko rig. The tool works in conjunction with the O-Rings to help prevent the hooks from tearing the plastic baits. This tool comes with a lanyard, keeping it ready for action. To apply the O-Ring on the bait, slide the O-Ring on the wider part of the O-Wacky tool, insert the plastic bait or worm into the tool up to the desired ring position, and then slip the O-ring from the O-wacky tool on...
NewAmish Outfitters Flasher Wraps
Amish Outfitters Flasher Wraps
Amish Outfitters Flasher Wraps are sure to make your next fishing outing easier by eliminating line tangles and protecting your rod. These flasher wraps also stop spinning flashers and dodgers while running as well as preventing glow burnout. Simply cover your flasher with this wrap while it is still on your line to protect the flasher and not make a mess with your other rods. You'll always be ready to go when all you have to do is remove the cover and place your bait. Amish Outfitters Flasher W...