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The RAILBLAZA StarPort HD Base is the ideal replacement to any OEM or third party brand rod holder mounts that are broken or are not performing as you had hoped. This low-profile base mount fits and replaces most standard mounted bases. The HD Base is one of the most durable rod holding bases and includes hardware.
NewRAILBLAZA StarPort Base
The RAILBLAZA StarPort Base is a flexible mount that lets you affix and mount a variety of accessories. This low-profile base features a unique locking mechanism ensuring a worry-free mount base that will safely secure your accessories. StarPort bases accept any RAILBLAZA accessories and is perfect for any kayak, canoe, or ATV.
NewRAILBLAZA CleatPort Base
RAILBLAZA CleatPort Base
The RAILBLAZA CleatPort Base makes your cleat port do just a little more for you by turning it into an additional StarPort mount base! This base not only gives you the option of locating your cleat port where you want and need it on the boat, but also allows for you to mount any RAILBLAZA accessory to that location. The base is perfect for mounting your visibility light, rod holder, cameras, or other accessories.
NewRAILBLAZA Rod Holder R StarPort Kit
RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R StarPort Kit
The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder R StarPort Kit features both the HD StarPort base and a tough rod holder made for spinning, casting, or fly reels. The included stretchable strap allows for securing of multiple reel types and keeps them fastened in place. The StarPort HD base also works with any other RAILBLAZA accessory for when you need to swap in a new mount or tool.
NewRAILBLAZA Rod Holder II StarPort Kit
RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II StarPort Kit
The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II StarPort Kit is a universal rod holder compatible with any rod. This holder mounts to the StarPort base system which is included with this kit. The StarPort mounts can be mounted to any kayak or small boat. Built with durability in mind, the Rod Holder II provides a fully adjustable 360° around and 90° vertical rod placement.
$29.99 - $34.99
The RAILBLAZA Rod Holder II is a universal rod holder appropriate for both salt and freshwater. Built with durability and performance in mind, this holder provides a fully adjustable 360° around and 90° vertical rod placement. The Rod Holder II mounts to the StarPort base system (sold separately).
NewRAILBLAZA Kayak Visibility Package II
RAILBLAZA Kayak Visibility Package II
The RAILBLAZA Kayak Visibility Package II features a variety of accessories to improve your chances of being seen on the water. This kit includes a 3-mode Illuminate i360 light, a 3-piece 38-inch Extenda Pole, a Fluorescent orange safety flag, and a StarPoint HD with fasteners. This pack is an incredible value but also an important addition for safety on the water.
NewRAILBLAZA Flag Whip & Pennant with StarPort Base
RAILBLAZA Flag Whip & Pennant with ...
The RAILBLAZA Flag Whip & Pennant with StarPort Base adds important visibility to you and your kayak while out on the water. The flag whip stands 4 feet tall and has a vibrant orange flag to help you stand out. This flag also comes with the StarPort Base that can be used to mount all sorts of other RAILBLAZA accessories (sold separately).
NewRAILBLAZA Adjustable Extender
RAILBLAZA Adjustable Extender
The RAILBLAZA Adjustable Extender adds not only a 3-inch extension to your mounted kayak accessories, but then adds a 180° circular rotation option for maximum control. This extender is perfect for any accessory that you want total position control over while having it firmly secured to your yak.
NewRAILBLAZA Extenda Pole 1000
RAILBLAZA Extenda Pole 1000
The RAILBLAZA Extenda Pole 1000 is a multi-purpose, lightweight, 3-piece pole that can be used to mount just about any kayak accessory. This pole is great for cameras, flags, or even lighting. The Extenda Pole is made from corrosion and UV-resistant material.
NewRAILBLAZA Transducer Mount XL
RAILBLAZA Transducer Mount XL
The RAILBLAZA Transducer Mount XL is designed for kayaks with high freeboards and allows for easy dropping and retrieval of depth sounder transducers. The mounting arm easily installs to your fish finder quickly and does so without any messy adhesives. With RAILBLAZA mounts, the arm can install in just moments and will fit any kayak or canoe.
NewRAILBLAZA Sounder & Transducer Mount
RAILBLAZA Sounder & Transducer Mount
The RAILBLAZA Sounder & Transducer Mount is the easiest way to mount and install your fish finders or sounders on your kayak or small boat. The transducer can now sit comfortably and safely underwater giving you a more accurate reading. With RAILBLAZA mounts and bases, you can mount your transducer with limited drilling and mess.
NewYakGear Drip Ring Kit
YakGear Drip Ring Kit
The YakGear Drip Ring Kit installs onto your two piece paddle and helps stop water from dripping down onto you or into your boat. The Drip Rings are sold in sets of two and fit onto 1 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inch two piece paddles.
NewYakGear EZ Loops
YakGear EZ Loops
The YakGear EZ Loops makes any car ready for transporting a kayak or canoe! These loops eliminate the need to search for hooks or sections to latch straps to and also keep the straps from rubbing against your car! Just open your hood, hatch, or trunk and close the base into the car while the strap remains outside the seam.
NewYakGear Guadalupe Aluminum Shaft Paddle
YakGear Guadalupe Aluminum Shaft Pa...
The YakGear Guadalupe Aluminum Shaft Paddle is a tough, two-piece paddle designed to be a great entry-level paddle for beginners. The blades are made from durable ABS plastic, while EPA foam inserts inside the shaft allow it to float the paddle if it falls in the water. This touring blade was designed to cut and push the water better than most other entry-level paddles at the same price point.
NewYakGear Fish Stik
YakGear Fish Stik
The YakGear Fish Stik is a measuring board designed for those fishing from kayaks with little room to work. When fully open, the Fish Stik is 36 inches in length. but it folds down to only 12 inches long and can comfortably be stowed away on your kayak or canoe. At the head the Fish Stik features a bump board and line slot for a quick and efficient measurement!
NewRAILBLAZA Rotating Platform
RAILBLAZA Rotating Platform
The RAILBLAZA Rotating Platform is the perfect mount for devices that can remain stationary on your kayak, like GPS devices and depth finders (sold separately). The rotating platform does rotate a complete 360° while securely holding your device. This platform is compatible with the StarPort mounting base (sold separately) that allows you to easily swap out attachments when not in use or to switch with another device!
NewC-Tug Kayak & Canoe Cart with SandTrakz Wheels
C-Tug Kayak & Canoe Cart with SandT...
The C-Tug Kayak & Canoe Cart with SandTrakz Wheels is a small craft cart with a sophisticated designed that pulls easier than the competition. C-Tug's SandTrakz wheels blast through the sand making for a truly unique all-terrain kayak cart. The adjustable cart assembles in less than a minute without any tools, breaks down just as quick, and then can be stored inside the kayaks dry storage or storage areas.
NewC-Tug Kayak & Canoe Cart
C-Tug Kayak & Canoe Cart
The C-Tug Kayak & Canoe Cart is a non-corroding tow cart that will make easy work of getting your watercraft down to the shore. The C-Tug features a rugged design, stainless steel axles, and non-corrosive polymers, making it tough enough to withstand the brutal conditions you will put it through. The adjustable cart assembles in a minute without any tools, breaks down just as quick, and then can be stowed away inside the kayaks interior storage.
NewYakGear Matagorda Carbon Shaft Paddle
YakGear Matagorda Carbon Shaft Paddle
The YakGear Matagorda Carbon Shaft Paddle was designed with the serious kayaker's demands in mind. The Matagorda's is constructed with ultra light carbon fiber shaft and ABS plastic blades that all together only weigh 33 ounces! This paddle extends from 90 1/2 in. to 94 1/2 inches. Tension screws allow you to adjust the clamps to meet your exact needs.
NewYakGear Amistad Fiberglass Shaft Paddle
YakGear Amistad Fiberglass Shaft Pa...
The YakGear Amistad Fiberglass Shaft Paddle was made to provide a feature-packed paddle for the serious kayaker. This paddle is constructed with a lightweight fiberglass shaft with an adjustable length that extends from 90 1/2 inches to 94 1/2 inches. The touring blade was designed to cut and push the water and be comfortable for all-day use.
NewYakGear Foam Block Kayak Carrier
YakGear Foam Block Kayak Carrier
No roof rack? No problem! The YakGear Foam Block Kayak Carrier allows any car to be able to transport kayaks on the roof without any tools needed. The Kayak Carrier features two 16-inch foam blocks that create a cushion between the boat and your car for a damage-free transit. Straps, hooks, and other lines are included to get you moving on the road in no time.
NewYakGear Tie Down Straps with Cover
YakGear Tie Down Straps with Cover
The YakGear Tie Down Straps with Cover makes securing your kayak for transportation a breeze! These straps feature a quality cam buckle on one end and are made up of durable 1-inch nylon webbing! Use the strap case in between the ratchets and your vehicle to help protect your vehicle's surface.
NewYakGear Fish Grip
YakGear Fish Grip
The YakGear Fish Grip is a unique and safe fish landing grip that holds the lip of the fish without harm. By using the Fish Grip's jaw clamp design, you can land fish safely without injuring them. Other handy features include an attached wrist lanyard, and the grip itself is floatable for easy retrieval if lost overboard.
NewYakGear BuildACrate Rod Holder Package
YakGear BuildACrate Rod Holder Package
The YakGear BuildACrate Rod Holder Package allows you to turn your cooler, bucket, or milk crate into a rod holding hub. Rig the rod holders to the exterior of your favorite storage device for even more use and space conservation while out on the water. This package comes with all the hardware, instructions, and tips on getting these installed and mounted in no time.
$9.99 - $24.99
NewYakGear Flush Mount Rod Holder II Kit
YakGear Flush Mount Rod Holder II Kit
The YakGear Flush Mount Rod Holder II Kit allows any angler with a low-seated kayak to store a fishing pole on board. The 7-inch depth of the rod holder allows for any rod to sit comfortably in it, but also keeps reels away from potentially damaging saltwater. This kit comes with everything you need to install it and includes a 3M adhesive self-sealing gasket for a watertight seal.
NewYakGear Kayak Angler Crate Kit
YakGear Kayak Angler Crate Kit
The YakGear Angler Crate Kit contains everything a angling kayaker needs to get started out on the water. This product packet box includes a BuildACrate Double Rod Holder, a YakGear Accessory Pouch, 3.3 lb. Grapnel Anchor Kit, a YakGear Anchor Cleat, and two utility leashes for paddles and poles. This crate is an incredible value and also contains all required hardware for installation of all accessories.
NewYakGear Grapnel Anchor Kit with Bag
YakGear Grapnel Anchor Kit with Bag
The YakGear Grapnel Anchor Kit with Bag gives you everything you need to install, use, and store this small craft anchor! The folding tines of the anchor will keep you where you drop it, and when in storage allow for maximum space saving. The kit comes with the anchor, rope, bag, and instructions to help you get the anchor installed with ease.
NewYakGear Anchor Bar Cleat Kit
YakGear Anchor Bar Cleat Kit
The YakGear Anchor Bar Cleat Kit comes with a 4-inch nylon anchor cleat for your kayak and all required hardware for the installation. This cleat is a great access point for attaching anchors, leashes, safety lines and chutes. Installation instructions are included.
NewYakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys
YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with ...
The YakGear Deluxe Anchor Trolley with Pulleys will give you complete position and casting control of your kayak when drifting or anchored. This anchor trolley is compatible with anchors, drift chutes, and stakeout poles, and it provides a smooth directional power. All hardware needed for the installation is included along with complete instructions.
NewYakGear ClickNGo Leash
YakGear ClickNGo Leash
The YakGear ClickNGo Leash is a multi-functioning, double-braided, 60-inch leash that will server useful during transportation and use of your kayaks. This stretchable leash provides plenty of strength to secure a kayak to your automobile, tether your yak to a dock, and tow others. Two included carabiners enable the leash to be attached to just about anything; all you have to do is click them and go!
NewYakGear Floating Accessory Leash
YakGear Floating Accessory Leash
The YakGear Floating Accessory Leash is a lifeline for important tools and accessories that you do not want lost in the water. This leash will keep tools, nets, or other necessities with in arms reach and easily retrievable if lost over board. Attach to any accessory with the included carabiner and tie the other end to your kayak or canoe for ease of mind while on the water.
NewYakGear Grapnel Anchor
YakGear Grapnel Anchor
The YakGear Grapnel Anchor allows you to firmly secure your kayak, canoe, or small craft while out on the water and easily store it when you are not! This anchor features folding tines to keep you where you drop it, and when in storage, allows for maximum space saving.
NewYakGear 18 ft. Replacement Bungee
YakGear 18 ft. Replacement Bungee
The YakGear 18 ft. Replacement Bungee was made to substitute a worn out or damaged OEM bungee that has been through a lot. This bungee measures in at 18 feet, 1/4-inch thick, and can stretch up to 25% of its original length. When installing this bungee, make sure that the new bungee is taught but not overstretched.
NewYakGear Bungee Deck Kit
YakGear Bungee Deck Kit
The YakGear Bungee Deck Kit includes everything you need to install your own bungee rigging or replace a less than desirable OEM provided set up. The Bungee kit adds more storage possibilities while out on the water. The 10 foot bungee cord allows for a variety of configurations with the included hardware.
NewYakGear Folding Paddle Clip Kit
YakGear Folding Paddle Clip Kit
The YakGear Folding Paddle Clip Kit is a great addition or replacement to any kayak for the ease of paddle storage. In addition to securing your paddle to your kayak, these clips also fold away when not in use to eliminate lines, ropes, or leashes snagging on them. Each kit comes with two clips and the hardware to install them!
NewYakGear Pad Eye Kit
YakGear Pad Eye Kit
The YakGear Pad Eye Kit lets you replace or add additional pad eyes, or "deck loops", to your kayak or canoe! Pad Eyes are used for leashing accessories, tethering to docks, or setting up bungee meshes. This kit comes with everything needed for install on boats with inside access. If no inside access is available, then the Tri-Grip Rivet Kit is required (sold separately).
NewYakGear Universal Scupper Plug Kit
YakGear Universal Scupper Plug Kit
The YakGear Universal Scupper Plug Kit offers high-quality replacements for lost or worn out scupper plugs. These plugs seal self-bailing scupper holes when draining water out of the cockpit on sit-on-top kayak models. Plug circumference ranges to fit 3/4 to 1 1/2 inch drain sizes.
NewYakGear Angler Crate
YakGear Angler Crate
The YakGear Angler Crate offers interior storage on the deck of your small craft and can be taken with you when you are done! This durable crate is sized similarly to a traditional 13 x 13 inch milk crate, which will fit most kayak tank wells or decks. The crate's honeycomb design allows an angler to rig a variety of fishing accessories to it, making it a valuable addition to your yak.
NewYakGear Accessory Pouch
YakGear Accessory Pouch
The YakGear Accessory Pouch is a handy storage pouch for storing anything from tools and tackle to personal items. This pouch stores your stuff within arms reach and can be rigged to boat boxes, coolers, or your boats gunwale. All hardware, instructions, and rigging tips necessary for install are included.ed.

At a Glance: Kayak

Kayaks are narrow, highly maneuverable boats powered by a double-handled paddle and used by anglers and recreational boaters worldwide. Kayaks were originally developed by hunters in the arctic regions of the Northern Hemisphere. Ancient kayaks were made of seal skins stretched over a frame constructed from wood or whale bones, and were custom built by the hunter themselves based on their needs and family traditions. Kayaks take minimal effort to paddle due to their sleek profiles and lightweight construction, making them extremely efficient for arctic conditions. Inuit kayak designs would shield the paddler from bitter cold water by the enclosed decking, which would also provide some storage space for tools or trade goods. The sealed compartment and stable design also allowed for easy recovery if they flipped over. This was extremely important due to the frigid arctic waters they were used in. With kayaking having become widely popular across the globe, kayak designs have changed dramatically, while also retaining their lightweight and easy to maneuver traits.

FishUSA now offers fishing kayaks, which are designed from the water up for anglers and their equipment. These modern kayaks differ from the original hunting kayaks of the Arctic in many ways. Instead of stretching skins or other material over an internal frame, modern kayaks are roto-molded in durable plastics. Polyethylene resins are used to make a hard, hollow shell to support the angler, as well as a wide range of accessories, while also being a bit flexible and impact resistant. Modern fishing kayaks typically do not feature an enclosed compartment like their predecessors did. Due to the physical actions of paddling a low-profile boat while needing access to all equipment at a moment’s notice, the standard design referred to as “sit-on-top” is the preferred style for fishing kayaks. The angler sits on top of the hollow shell which is designed to be in contact with the lower back, legs and feet of the paddler to gain maneuverability while remaining stable. Built-in dry storage compartments and other features allow for storage of tackle, provisions and other items you would want to keep dry. Some fishing kayaks even have live bait compartments built right into the shell.

It seems as if the list of accessories available for the paddling angler is growing daily. While FishUSA offers paddles and life vests, other kayak fishing accessories are available to expand the capabilities for any angler. As kayak fishing grows in popularity, anglers are demanding more and more add-on equipment to enable them to target specific species with a wide variety of tactics. The built-in storage features are already present in the kayak, whereas rod holders, paddle and rod leashes, fish finder mounts, track systems with a myriad of components, deck rigging, and the ever-popular camera mounts are available from a number of manufacturers. The variety of mounts available allows the kayak angler to customize their boat for any number of conditions and tactics, with the ability to document the action from multiple action camera positions. Other kayak accessories include carts for safely hauling to and from a vehicle, kayak anchor kits and anchors, visibility flags, safety and rescue bags, and specialized nets. FishUSA offers everything an angler needs to paddle headlong into the increasingly popular and exciting world of kayak fishing.

FishUSA offers the top brands for fishing kayaks and kayak accessories such as Malibu, YakGear, YakAttack, RAILBLAZA and Onyx Outdoors.