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NewFulton Boat Roller Guides
Fulton Boat Roller Guides
The Fulton Boat Roller Guides help you safely guide your boat onto the trailer. Constructed with galvanized steel, these guides are tough, reliable, and corrosion resistant. Featuring easy bolt-on mounting, you can quickly install the guides on trailer frames up to 3-inches wide and 5-inches high. High-strength, super gripper mounting brackets can be firmly attached above or below the trailer frame, whichever you prefer. The adjustable Boat Roller Guides are cushioned to protect your boat and pr...
NewFulton Trailer Hitch Safety Chains
Fulton Trailer Hitch Safety Chains
Fulton Trailer Hitch Safety Chains are used for keeping the towing vehicle and the trailer connected in case the hitch becomes disconnected along some part of the towing equipment. These chains are essential as some states mandate them to be connected when towing. By employing these chains, you reduce the possibility of a vehicle or trailer swerving off road and doing damage to life or public property. These chains are tested for quality and conform to J684.6.3.4 SAE standards. The zinc finish o...
NewDraw-Tite Trailer Hitch Hider Receiver Tube Cover with 4-Flat Electrical Cover
Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Hider Recei...
The Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Hider Receiver Tube Cover with 4-Flat Electrical Cover is designed to slip easily onto the receiver tube to keep out unwanted snow and mud. The built-in electrical connection cover helps in eliminating corrosion. The Hitch Hider Receiver Tube Cover is optimally sized to fit all 2-inch hitch receivers. It is built with flexible rubber to make installation hassle-free. The band can be fitted around the receiver tube so you can just keep it on there even when towing. Enj...
NewDraw-Tite Trailer Hitch Starter Ball Mount Kit
Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Starter Bal...
The Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Starter Ball Mount Kit is ideal for carrying out tasks involving trailer attachment to a vehicle. This kit is comprised of a corrosion-resistant 2-inch hitch ball that can withstand the test of time. It also includes a receiver lock used for securing the hitch. A black powder coat finish over E-Coat is done over all the different parts of the mount kit for enhanced paint performance. This mount kit fits easily over the square receiver tube opening for a simple install...
NewTow Ready 7-Way Flat Car End Circuit Tester with LED
Tow Ready 7-Way Flat Car End Circui...
The Tow Ready 7-Way Flat Car End Circuit Tester with LED features an LED display that shows completed circuit for running lights, left and right turn signals, auxiliary, electric brake, and battery charge. This circuit tester helps in proper installation and set-up of brake controls, so you can quickly identify problems in the wiring of your trailer and ensure proper functioning of the brake control bench for optimum safety. The approximate amount of current in each circuit is indicated on the L...
NewDraw-Tite Trailer Hitch Receiver Tube Cover
Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Receiver Tu...
The Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Receiver Tube Cover was designed to protect the receiver from dirt, debris, minor scratches, and dings. This plastic cover is built in the standard 2-inch size to tightly seal a variety of hitch receivers. When not towing, Trailer Hitch Receiver Tube Cover helps you keep your hitch receiver protected from the elements. The Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Receiver Tube Cover is made in the U.S.A.
NewDraw-Tite Trailer Hitch Ball Cover
Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Ball Cover
The Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Ball Cover protects your trailer hitch from the elements whenever you're not towing. This rubber cover fits 1 7/8 and 2 inch hitch balls. A trailer ball might appear to be one of the simplest and largely uncomplicated components of your trailer hitch system, but the fact is that these establish a direct connection between your vehicle and trailer. This ball cover is vital because when the tow hitch is left open, dust, debris, or water can enter, leading to rust or wea...
NewWesbar 4-Flat Dust Cover
Wesbar 4-Flat Dust Cover
The Wesbar 4-Flat Dust Cover fits over the trailer connector to protect it from damage caused by harsh environmental conditions, dust, and corrosion when it is not being used. It is a perfect match for the 4-way flat socket on the trailer end of the connection. This dust cover ensures a long life and uninterrupted flow of power for the connector. Keep your vehicle-to-trailer wiring connection up and running with the Tow Ready 5-Flat Dust Cover.
NewWesbar Waterproof LED Clearance Light with Reflex & White Base
Wesbar Waterproof LED Clearance Lig...
The Wesbar Waterproof LED Clearance Light is FMVSS/CMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards/Canada Motor Vehicle Safety Standards) compliant. This light can easily illuminate a trailer’s tongue thanks to its bright color LEDs, making the trailer tongue visible for greater safety during night travels. The body of the reflector is hermetically sealed, making it submersible and preventing moisture entry that may otherwise cloud the insides or damage the internal components. The two-notched wir...
NewWesbar Waterproof LED Clearance Light with Diodes
Wesbar Waterproof LED Clearance Lig...
The Wesbar Waterproof LED Clearance Light with Diodes has been brilliantly designed for grommet mounting. This waterproof LED light features two 18-inch pigtail wire leads including the supply wire and a ring terminal ground wire. The one-piece design features thru-lens mounting holes that allow for easy installation and removal. Ideal for your fishing boat trailer or your RV, this light is bright enough to be noticed from afar. The Wesbar Waterproof LED clearance light with diodes is FMVSS/CMVS...
NewReese Trailer Wheel Chocks
Reese Trailer Wheel Chocks
Reese Trailer Wheel Chocks are made from a high-impact polymer that can withstand pressure from heavy loads, making them a perfect accessory for your boat trailer. These chocks are designed to reduce the risk of trailer roll while launching your boat into water or pulling up on a slope. The dimensions of these chocks make them suitable to fit under most trailer wheels. This pair of wheel chocks has treads on them to ensure better grip and reduce any chance of tire slipping. The steady base provi...
NewFulton Trailer Coupler Handle
Fulton Trailer Coupler Handle
The Fulton Trailer Coupler Handle makes it easy and comfortable to position a trailer tongue by hand. To move the trailer with ease, bolt the handle onto the side of the coupler. This handle is heavy-duty and made from high-quality steel with a zinc finish for durability and corrosion resistance. The bolt-on design features pre-drilled mounting holes and an ergonomic rubber grip. The Fulton Trailer Coupler Handle works well with all Fulton channel-mount couplers (sold separately). This handle ca...
NewBargman Oblong Reflector
Bargman Oblong Reflector
The Bargman Oblong Reflector is a universal class A automotive item that has been designed for maximum visibility in comparison to smaller-size reflectors. The hermetically sealed body of this reflector prevents moisture entry that can otherwise cloud the insides or damage its components. The red oblong reflector contains mounting holes that makes it easy to install and remove. Or, if you prefer, you could also use the adhesive back mount on it which does not require you to drill or use any tool...
NewBargman Rectangular Reflectors
Bargman Rectangular Reflectors
The Bargman Rectangular Reflectors are universal class A items made of acrylic with superior quality adhesive mounts. The reflectors are hermetically sealed to prevent moisture entry that can potentially cloud or damage its components. The adhesive fiber back mount on the reflectors provide instant adhesion on rough surfaces. The compact design of the reflector allow for many placement options. An ideal safety accessory for trailers and trucks, this reflector is designed to reflect lights from f...
NewBargman Conspicuity Reflectors
Bargman Conspicuity Reflectors
Bargman Conspicuity Reflectors are skillfully designed and offer superior functionality and efficiency to you. These reflectors are 12 inches in size and meet or exceed DOT-C and SAE J5941 standards for reflective marking on trucks and trailers. These reflectors are hermetically sealed to keep moisture and dirt at bay. These reflectors can either be attached with adhesive backing or with self-taping stainless steel screws through existing holes. They are optimally sized, which allows for them to...
NewTow Ready 5-Flat Dust Cover
Tow Ready 5-Flat Dust Cover
The Tow Ready 5-Flat Dust Cover protects a 5-way connector from water, dust, and debris when it is not in use. Furthermore, it helps prevent internal corrosion for a long operating life of the connector. This cover is accompanied by a convenient attachment tab to avoid its loss. It is built with rubber and has been specifically designed to fit a 5-way flat socket on the trailer side of the connection. No matter what the trailer's electrical functions are, you always need a solid connection to ke...
NewDraw-Tite Trailer Hitch Tri-Ball Mount
Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Tri-Ball Mount
Draw-Tite Trailer Hitch Tri-Ball Mount features an adjustable height, making it perfect for towing multiple trailers of varying heights and couplers. The height can be adjusted up to 10 1/2 inches. It is finished with a black powder coat to fight rust and corrosion. Additionally, this ball mount provides an easy connection into a 2-inch receiver. These have been engineered and designed to meet the demands for work and active lifestyles and is tailor-made for today's most advanced towing systems.
NewReese POD Hazard Warning Lights
Reese POD Hazard Warning Lights
Reese POD Hazard Warning Lights are specifically designed for consumer motorists who may encounter hazards on the road. These warning lights are weather-resistant and can be seen from a quarter mile away in daylight conditions. There is a total of nine different illumination modes, including a S.O.S safety mode to alert passing motorists about the vehicle. With these warning lights, you can illuminate anything, anywhere, with the 350 Lumens lamp and integrated red LED warning lights. POD Hazard ...

At a Glance: Boat Trailering

Boat trailering is an often overlooked product category by retailers and anglers alike. Every boat trailer has parts which need periodic replacement like hitch pins, coupler locks, ratcheting tie-down straps, wiring connectors, adapters and harnesses. Complete lighting systems are available along with several styles of single lights to replace those damaged by curbs and parking blocks. Every light sold by FishUSA is submersible so you won’t be replacing bulbs after every trip to the boat ramp. Trailer hitches are available for those times when you’ve made a new boat or vehicle purchase and the height of your trailer doesn’t match up with what came on the vehicle. Simply replace it with the new style or size found at FishUSA.

Additionally, parts needed to upgrade existing boat trailers are offered, such as LED light bars, spare tire brackets, trailer jacks, complete trailer winches, and guide posts for making loading at the ramp a breeze. FishUSA sells accessories and equipment to repair, replace and upgrade those important parts needed to legally and safely transport your boat anywhere - to your local lake or to a distant bucket list location.

Top brands of boat trailering parts and accessories available from FishUSA include Fulton, Wesbar, Reese, Draw-Tite, and Tow Ready.