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NewU-Charters Slide Diver - Closeout
U-Charters Slide Diver - Closeout
4 Colors available
NewStealth Rod Holder Extension
Stealth Rod Holder Extension
The Stealth Rod Holder Extension is the perfect attachment if your boat has a lower gunwale. This heavy-duty nylon extension will elevate your rod holder 6.5 inches. This awesome product is extremely durable and sturdy. Stealth is one of the best brands in rod holders and accessories. You and your kayak or small boat deserve the best!
NewStealth Multi-Mount Base
Stealth Multi-Mount Base
The Stealth Multi-Mount Base is constructed of heavy duty nylon making it super strong and weather resistant. Having additional mounting bases allow you to easily move rod holders without having to drill new holes in your boat or railing.
NewStealth QR-1 Rod Holder
Stealth QR-1 Rod Holder
The Stealth QR-1 Rod Holder is one of the best rod holders on the market for kayak and small boats. This rod holder is incredibly efficient by allowing you to set the hook without having to touch the rod holder. The patented technology securely holds your rod and allows you to release your rod by using the same motion that sets the hook. Constructed of heavy-duty nylon and weather-resistant elastomers, this rod holder is built to last. The Stealth QR-1 Rod Holder is on of the best rod holders on...
$23.99 - $29.99
NewStealth Flush Mount Base
Stealth Flush Mount Base
The Stealth Flush Mount Base is constructed of engineered nylon resin. This base offers a low-profile option for your rod holder. The Flush Mount Base provides a clean and sleek appearance. Get the best in durability and performance from Stealth rod holders and accessories.
NewStealth Universal Rail Mount
Stealth Universal Rail Mount
The Stealth Universal Rail Mount is constructed of sturdy nylon resin that easily adapts to fit a variety of rails ranging from 7/8 in. to 1 1/4 in. in diameter. The clamping block rotates 90 degrees into the round or square positions with multiple notches to fit your railing.
NewStealth Rod Holder Dual Pivot Extension
Stealth Rod Holder Dual Pivot Exten...
The Stealth Rod Holder Dual Pivot Extension is adjustable on both ends, allowing you to position your rod holder where you want it. This extensions can move your rod holder within a 20 inch radius of your base. Constructed of reinforced nylon composite, this extension is durable and perfect for mounting points that are behind your seated position.
NewBig Jon Sectional Boom Assembly
Big Jon Sectional Boom Assembly
The Big Jon Sectional Boom Assembly replaces damaged booms on the Brute ES, Captain's Pak, Pro Tournament Electric Downriggers, and Captain's Pak Manual Sideriggers. The sectional is four feet and includes all the hardware needed to replace the boom on your downrigger. The Big Jon Sectional Boom Assembly is made in the U.S.A.
NewBig Jon Net Holder
Big Jon Net Holder
The Big Jon Net Holder is an excellent option to store and secure your net on the boat. Quickly grab the net from the Big Jon Net Holder when you need to haul in the big catch. The net holder will keep your net safe from damages and bouncing around the boat. It’s constructed of high-strength aluminum with a corrosion resistant anodized finish, the Big Jon Net Holder will last and stand up to harsh saltwater conditions. The Big Jon Net Holder is made in the U.S.A.
NewBig Jon Multi-Set Rod Holder
Big Jon Multi-Set Rod Holder
The Big Jon Multi-Set Rod Holder is a favorite and one of the most popular rod holders on the market today. The holder is constructed of high-strength aluminum with a bight anodized finish that is corrosion resistant. An added bonus feature is the fitted durable vinyl caps that protect your fishing rod handles from any damage over time. The Big Jon Multi-Set Rod Holder is a solid, long lasting rod holder that is easy to use and mount. The Big Jon Multi-Set Rod Holder is made in the U.S.A.
$64.99 - $89.99
NewScotty PowerGrip Plus Stacker Downrigger Release
Scotty PowerGrip Plus Stacker Downr...
The Scotty PowerGrip Plus Stacker Downrigger Release allows you to fish more than one rod per downrigger, resulting in more fish in your boat! The downrigger release features a streamlined design, ensuring it won't snag on weeds or foul lines. It provides a full range of release tensions, with the adjuster clip that can double the holding power, if you need it.
NewSimms Foam Boat Patch
Simms Foam Boat Patch
The Simms Foam Boat Patch is deigned to be mounted inside of your boat or canoe for easy fly access. This boat patch works like an oversized open fly box with a magnetic fly catcher panel. The Simms Foam Boat Patch is made in the U.S.A.
NewScotty Trolling Snubber
Scotty Trolling Snubber
The Scotty Trolling Snubber attaches between your downrigger cable and weight. Connect your downrigger line to the welded ring of the Sampo ball bearing swivel and clip your weight to the other end using the trolling snap, and this snubber will absorb shock, provide electrical insulation, and help prevent snags. The Scotty Trolling Snubber is easy to grip, even with wet hands, and allows for a simple and quick connection to your downrigger weight.
NewTemple Fork Outfitters Telepole
Temple Fork Outfitters Telepole
The Temple Fork Outfitters Telepole allow anglers to capture all the underwater action of their big catch. This durable camera and video pole extends to 88.5 inches to reach far into the water to see how the fish are reacting. Don’t miss a moment, the Temple Fork Outfitters Telepole is also great for taking fish selfies.

At a Glance: Boat Gear

Boats have been used for centuries for fishing. Modern fishing boats are much more than just floating platforms for casting nets or throwing spears to harvest fish. Whether a big-water cruiser, deep-V lake troller, pontoon boat, jon boat, a canoe or fishing kayak, anglers on boats have tremendous advantages over shore fishermen. Fishing on a boat allows an angler to reach deeper water, cover large areas as fish move or conditions change, and pack great varieties of tackle on an outing, not to mention bringing a buddy or two. Having a boat is a great start, but having the right boat gear is essential to a successful boating trip. Whether trolling deep open water, flipping jigs for bass around docks, bottom-bouncing for walleye, or crappie fishing with spider rigs, the options are only limited by an angler’s financial resources. FishUSA has all the gear necessary to conduct a great boat fishing trip, including boat electronics, downriggers, planer boards, divers, attractors, rod holders and track systems, drift socks and trolling bags, and boat accessories.

Boat electronics offers the speed and temperature indicators, as well as the underwater cameras becoming so popular these days to help boating anglers fine-tune their trolling programs. Downriggers are available as manual and electric models to get baits down deep quickly. Planers are the planer board masts and reels, full-size planer boards, and inline planer boards which allow all anglers onboard to have the maximum number of lines out and spread apart from each other. Divers are the dipsy divers, jet diver, and other devices used to provide controlled depths for any application. Attractors are the big water rotating and non-rotating flashers, dodgers and lake troll devices needed for lake trout and salmon fishing. Rod holders and track systems offer the single, double, triple or more rod holder systems needed for large trolling programs. Drift socks and trolling bags from Amish Outfitters and Drift Control give versatility and speed control for windy conditions, or if your motor isn’t able to troll at the slower speeds needed for certain species. Boat accessories are those needed for mounting, repairing, and customizing the various pieces of boat equipment needed for the perfect program or setup.

The top brands of boat gear at FishUSA are Big Jon, Cannon, Fish Hawk, Luhr Jensen and Amish Outfitters.

Reduced prices on Waterwolf camera and accessories!
Reduced prices on Waterwolf camera and accessories!