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Boat Gear
NewMustang Survival M.I.T. 100 Inflatable Life Vest
Mustang Survival M.I.T. 100 Inflata...
The Mustang Survival M.I.T. 100 Inflatable Life Vest is the ultimate choice for a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) because it is approved as Type V and Type III by the United States Coast Guard, making it perfect for commercial or recreational use. This life vest is constructed with 500 denier Cordura outer shell and Membrane Inflatable Technology inside for a lightweight and flexible fit. The buoyancy provided by this PFD is more than 1.5 times the buoyancy of regular foam vests. This vest is a...
NewMustang Survival Inflatable Life Vest Re-Arming Kit
Mustang Survival Inflatable Life Ve...
The Mustang Survival Inflatable Life Vest Re-Arming Kit contains everything you need to re-arm your inflatable after deployment. Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits with your Mustang Survival inflatables. Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate. It will also void your inflatable’s warranty.
$29.99 - $79.99
NewMustang Survival Elite 28 Inflatable Life Vest
Mustang Survival Elite 28 Inflatabl...
The Mustang Survival Elite 28 Inflatable Life Vest is built on a revolutionary aerodynamic 3D chassis that drastically reduces drag at high speeds. Shaped for optimal mobility and all day comfort, the wide shoulder system eliminates neck fatigue. Powered by Hydrostatic Inflator Technology, the vest will automatically inflate quickly when immersed in at least four inches of water. Trusted by anglers across the globe, this Inflatable Life Vest is USCG approved as Type III for recreational use and ...
NewMustang Survival DLX 38 Inflatable Life Vest
Mustang Survival DLX 38 Inflatable ...
The Mustang Survival DLX 38 Inflatable Life Vest features a perfect blend of premium in-water performance with refined styling and enhanced comfort to be one of the most popular PFDs on the market. A favorite among big-water adventurists, coastal cruisers, and boaters seeking high buoyancy flotation, this vest provides 38 lbs. of buoyancy when inflated. This Inflatable Life Vest is classified as Type III PFD from the United States Coast Guard. For all day comfort, its new design fits better arou...
$159.99 - $179.99
NewMustang Survival Accel 100 Fishing Vest
Mustang Survival Accel 100 Fishing ...
The Mustang Survival Accel 100 Fishing Vest features the highest available speed-rating on the market today. Designed and tested by professional anglers, this fishing vest provides outstanding durability, ultimate comfort, and increased safety. Approved by the United States Coast Guard as a type III flotation aid, it features dynamic strength-tested construction for superior safety. Made specifically for fishing, this vest is constructed with segmented foam that flexes as you move, allowing you ...
NewCisco Dual Electric Planer Board Mast
Cisco Dual Electric Planer Board Mast
The Cisco Dual Electric Planer Board Mast is a 6-foot tall solid aluminum mast. This mast comes with two aluminum-cased pulleys supporting two solid aluminum reels and is powered by a high-torque electric motor. With the pure strength and durability of the mast, motor, and reels, you'll gain 2 1/2 times more torque than other masts and be able to fish any size planer board. The motor is sealed and protected by Cisco's substantial weatherproofing process to make sure the motor stays strong and la...
NewScotty Backing Plate
Scotty Backing Plate
Made to endure the elements with ease, the Scotty Backing Plate utilizes tough engineering-grade nylon to add structural support to your thin-walled boat when attaching mounts for rod holders. Designed for use with the Scotty 241L/241 Combination Side/Deck Mount or the Scotty 244L/244 Flush Deck Mount, this durable backing plate will make your installation of Scotty brand post-mount rod holders easy. This backing plate provides reinforcement for deck or side mount installations, giving your rod ...
NewScotty Sure Stop Pro for 30 in. Downrigger Boom
Scotty Sure Stop Pro for 30 in. Dow...
The Scotty Sure Stop Pro for 30 in. Downrigger Boom (with snubber) is as reliable and durable as it gets! It is virtually guaranteed to auto-stop your downrigger in the same spot - every time. This neat little product includes a tuna cord, which holds your self-locating snaps securely and without wearing on your hands, a stainless steel split ring to prevent your weight retriever from sliding off of your cable, as well as tubing to prevent abrasion from wear-and-tear. The included snubber is ele...
NewPro-Troll Strike-Lite Planer Board Safety Lights
Pro-Troll Strike-Lite Planer Board ...
Pro-Troll Strike-Lite Planer Board Safety Lights are essential to keeping you safe on the water after dark. There are two red lights for the port (left) side planer board and two green lights for the starboard (right) side board. The safety lights feature waterproof 3M adhesive to stick to any flat surface. The adhesive lights feature three modes: a slow blink, fast blink, and steady on. Each light provides you with up to 200 hours before needing a replacement.
NewScotty 12 in. Downrigger Gimbal Mount - Closeout
Scotty 12 in. Downrigger Gimbal Mou...
The Scotty Downrigger Gimbal Mount enables the angler to mount Scotty electric and manual downriggers in a boats rodholder. This method is preferred by some boat owners, both for security, as you can remove the riggers easily from the boat, and because it gives a mounting option that doesn't involve drilling holes in the transom of the boat.
NewBert's Custom Tackle Universal Electronics Mount
Bert's Custom Tackle Universal Elec...
The Bert's Custom Tackle Universal Electronics Mount is known as one of the strongest mounts on the market today. This universal mount accommodates most Lowrance and Humminbird gimbal mounts. With incredible durability, this mount will securely hold your electronics. The Bert's Custom Tackle Universal Electronics Mount is made in the U.S.A.
$47.99 - $54.99
NewAztec Downrigger Sinker
Aztec Downrigger Sinker
The Aztec Downrigger Sinker is a heavy-duty, straight-tracking downrigger weight with an attached fin to assist in better tracking and prevent line tangling. Easily attaches to your rigging with a sturdy loop molded within the product.
$24.99 - $34.99
NewAztec Cannon Ball Sinker
Aztec Cannon Ball Sinker
The Aztec Cannon Ball Sinker is a heavy-duty downrigger weight designed to bring your bait to the level you desire. Easily attaches to your rigging with a sturdy loop molded within the product.
$3.49 - $9.99
Off Shore Tackle Reversible Mini Planer Board
Off Shore Tackle Reversible Mini Pl...
The Off Shore Tackle Reversible Mini Planer Board is the little planer board that could. Reversible and dual purpose, you'll never need another planer board for light tackle fishing. This lightweight board runs right off your line, with an easy to use pinch pad release/clip system. The bright yellow color makes a flag unnecessary when trolling with this convenient planer board.

At a Glance: Boat Gear

Boats have been used for centuries for fishing. Modern fishing boats are much more than just floating platforms for casting nets or throwing spears to harvest fish. Whether a big-water cruiser, deep-V lake troller, pontoon boat, jon boat, a canoe or fishing kayak, anglers on boats have tremendous advantages over shore fishermen. Fishing on a boat allows an angler to reach deeper water, cover large areas as fish move or conditions change, and pack great varieties of tackle on an outing, not to mention bringing a buddy or two. Having a boat is a great start, but having the right boat gear is essential to a successful boating trip. Whether trolling deep open water, flipping jigs for bass around docks, bottom-bouncing for walleye, or crappie fishing with spider rigs, the options are only limited by an angler’s financial resources. FishUSA has all the gear necessary to conduct a great boat fishing trip, including boat electronics, downriggers, planer boards, divers, attractors, rod holders and track systems, drift socks and trolling bags, and boat accessories.

Boat electronics offers the speed and temperature indicators, as well as the underwater cameras becoming so popular these days to help boating anglers fine-tune their trolling programs. Downriggers are available as manual and electric models to get baits down deep quickly. Planers are the planer board masts and reels, full-size planer boards, and inline planer boards which allow all anglers onboard to have the maximum number of lines out and spread apart from each other. Divers are the dipsy divers, jet diver, and other devices used to provide controlled depths for any application. Attractors are the big water rotating and non-rotating flashers, dodgers and lake troll devices needed for lake trout and salmon fishing. Rod holders and track systems offer the single, double, triple or more rod holder systems needed for large trolling programs. Drift socks and trolling bags from Amish Outfitters and Drift Control give versatility and speed control for windy conditions, or if your motor isn’t able to troll at the slower speeds needed for certain species. Boat accessories are those needed for mounting, repairing, and customizing the various pieces of boat equipment needed for the perfect program or setup.

The top brands of boat gear at FishUSA are Big Jon, Cannon, Fish Hawk, Luhr Jensen and Amish Outfitters.

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Reduced prices on Waterwolf camera and accessories!