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NewYakGear BuildACrate Rod Holder Package
YakGear BuildACrate Rod Holder Package
The YakGear BuildACrate Rod Holder Package allows you to turn your cooler, bucket, or milk crate into a rod holding hub. Rig the rod holders to the exterior of your favorite storage device for even more use and space conservation while out on the water. This package comes with all the hardware, instructions, and tips on getting these installed and mounted in no time.
$9.99 - $24.99
NewYakGear Flush Mount Rod Holder II Kit
YakGear Flush Mount Rod Holder II Kit
The YakGear Flush Mount Rod Holder II Kit allows any angler with a low-seated kayak to store a fishing pole on board. The 7-inch depth of the rod holder allows for any rod to sit comfortably in it, but also keeps reels away from potentially damaging saltwater. This kit comes with everything you need to install it and includes a 3M adhesive self-sealing gasket for a watertight seal.
NewPro-Troll ProChip ProFlash Lighted Flasher
Pro-Troll ProChip ProFlash Lighted ...
4 Colors available
The Pro-Troll ProChip ProFlash Lighted Flasher is a new evolution in traditional spinners by adding lights for even more sparkle. The flasher light begins flashing when it comes in contact with water and continues when submerged, but then turns off when dried! Even after many uses, the light battery lasts up to 80 hours and will deliver results time after time.
$16.99 - $19.99
NewOnyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Deluxe Inflatable Life Vest
Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Deluxe...
The Onyx A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Deluxe Inflatable Life Vest features padded air mesh for additional comfort and reflective piping. This life vests great for anyone who spends time on the water. It is designed to inflate upon immersion in the water, or can be set for manual only inflation. The durable fabric resists tears and punctures, while the soft neoprene neckline provides all-day comfort. The Onyx Deluxe Life Jacket provides increased comfort, safety, and peace-of-mind.
NewVedavoo Drifter Boat Bag
Vedavoo Drifter Boat Bag
The Vedavoo Drifter Boat Bag has a large main compartment plus multiple pockets for all your gear. The versatility of this bag allows you to pack what you need, from fly boxes to clothes. This bag has the capacity to hold two Bugger Beast fly boxes (sold separately), a couple of water bottles, rain gear, and even lunch for your day of fishing. The Vedavoo Drifter Boat Bag also makes an excellent option to pack clothes, laptop, and other travel items for a weekend trip.
NewDreamweaver Big Foot Spin Doctor Flasher
Dreamweaver Big Foot Spin Doctor Fl...
4 Colors available
Dreamweaver Big Foot Spin Doctor Flashers are some of the best deep water rotating flashers available. With the full 360-degree rotation at either slow or fast trolling speeds, Spin Doctor Flashers are designed to pull easy for any trolling application.
NewScotty Baitcasting/Spinning Rod Holder Track Combo
Scotty Baitcasting/Spinning Rod Hol...
The Scotty Baitcasting/Spinning Rod Holder Track Combo is everything needed to get a solid rod holder attached to your kayak or small craft! You not only get the quality Scotty rod holder, but you also get a durable 4-inch track and adapter to keep it secured! The side mounted flange leaves the bottom open accommodating rod trigger grips. All needed hardware for the install is included in this awesome package.
NewScotty Slip Discs
Scotty Slip Discs
The Scotty Slip Discs give you that extra control over your rod holder or Scotty post mount, so you can get it at the angle that is just right for you! When placed between a rod holder post and a Scotty rod holder, it will allow you to achieve infinite adjustment angles.
NewScotty Small Vessel Safety Equipment Kit
Scotty Small Vessel Safety Equipmen...
The Scotty Small Vessel Safety Equipment Kit comes with everything you need to be safe while on the water on your small boat, kayak, or canoe! Containing the essentials the Coast Guard requires for small craft, this investment was made to be life-saving for any number of situations. Includes almost 50 feet of buoyant heaving line, a watertight container, pealess whistle, and a watertight flashlight.
NewScotty Rescue Throw Bag
Scotty Rescue Throw Bag
The Scotty Rescue Throw Bag is a bright orange nylon and polyester throw bag that no boater or kayaker should go without! This self-draining, bag contains 50 feet worth of braided MFP polypropylene floating rope and a 3M reflective safety band. An adjustable snapping strap is also included.

At a Glance: Boat Gear

Boats have been used for centuries for fishing. Modern fishing boats are much more than just floating platforms for casting nets or throwing spears to harvest fish. Whether a big-water cruiser, deep-V lake troller, pontoon boat, jon boat, a canoe or fishing kayak, anglers on boats have tremendous advantages over shore fishermen. Fishing on a boat allows an angler to reach deeper water, cover large areas as fish move or conditions change, and pack great varieties of tackle on an outing, not to mention bringing a buddy or two. Having a boat is a great start, but having the right boat gear is essential to a successful boating trip. Whether trolling deep open water, flipping jigs for bass around docks, bottom-bouncing for walleye, or crappie fishing with spider rigs, the options are only limited by an angler’s financial resources. FishUSA has all the gear necessary to conduct a great boat fishing trip, including boat electronics, downriggers, planer boards, divers, attractors, rod holders and track systems, drift socks and trolling bags, and boat accessories.

Boat electronics offers the speed and temperature indicators, as well as the underwater cameras becoming so popular these days to help boating anglers fine-tune their trolling programs. Downriggers are available as manual and electric models to get baits down deep quickly. Planers are the planer board masts and reels, full-size planer boards, and inline planer boards which allow all anglers onboard to have the maximum number of lines out and spread apart from each other. Divers are the dipsy divers, jet diver, and other devices used to provide controlled depths for any application. Attractors are the big water rotating and non-rotating flashers, dodgers and lake troll devices needed for lake trout and salmon fishing. Rod holders and track systems offer the single, double, triple or more rod holder systems needed for large trolling programs. Drift socks and trolling bags from Amish Outfitters and Drift Control give versatility and speed control for windy conditions, or if your motor isn’t able to troll at the slower speeds needed for certain species. Boat accessories are those needed for mounting, repairing, and customizing the various pieces of boat equipment needed for the perfect program or setup.

The top brands of boat gear at FishUSA are Big Jon, Cannon, Fish Hawk, Luhr Jensen and Amish Outfitters.

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Reduced prices on Waterwolf camera and accessories!