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NewMustang Survival Inflatable Belt Pack
Mustang Survival Inflatable Belt Pack
The Mustang Survival Inflatable Belt Pack features an ergonomic design to feel better and fit comfortably around your waist, the same way as a belt would. The pack stays out of your way until you're ready to pull the cord for manual inflation. Easy to wear and maintain, it inflates to provide 38 lb. buoyancy, more than twice the flotation of a traditional foam personal flotation device (PFD). It is tailor-made for those looking for minimal bulk who want complete control over their PFD. It is rec...
NewMustang Survival Khimera Hybrid Life Vest
Mustang Survival Khimera Hybrid Lif...
Admiral Gray
The Mustang Survival Khimera Hybrid Life Vest is a unique and fully inflatable fishing vest that provides kayak anglers with safety and full mobility. With a dual protection and ultra-slim design, this vest is built with foam that provides neutral buoyancy with a hidden inflation chamber that you can activate manually. If you're in a treacherous situation, you can easily trigger the manual inflation cell to fill its air bladders for nearly 20 pounds of total buoyancy. It is ideal for kayakers, s...
NewMustang Survival Inflatable Fishing Vest
Mustang Survival Inflatable Fishing...
The Mustang Survival Inflatable Fishing Vest is comfortable, lightweight, and excellent for fishing in warm weather. This Personal Floatation Device (PFD) is activated manually by pulling the activation cord and is compatible with re-arm kit model MI5700 (sold separately). This manually-activated PFD is a great option for paddling or wade fishing. Lighter and cooler than regular foam vests, this inflatable vest offers the same floatation performance with increased comfort and range of motion.
NewMustang Survival Arc 2PS Anorak
Mustang Survival Arc 2PS Anorak
Moss Green
On long fishing days, the Mustang Survival ARC 2PS Anorak provides you ultimate protection with enhanced mobility. It is constructed with exclusive 4-layer Marine-Spec waterproof, breathable fabric that can withstand harsh salt-water environments. The ARC 2PS Anorak features an adjustable CCS Exoskin Neck Seal as well as latex wrist seals to keep you dry and comfortable. It sports a streamlined design to reduce bulk and snag hazards for unrestricted movement. The fitted hood design turns with yo...
NewMustang Survival Taku Waterproof Jacket
Mustang Survival Taku Waterproof Ja...
Admiral Gray
The Mustang Survival Taku Waterproof Jacket was designed using over 30 years of knowledge and research in developing dry solutions for the military. Constructed with Marinespec 3-Layer, this hard-working jacket is everything you desire in a coat: breathable, lightweight, and waterproof. For enhanced mobility, it features a streamlined design with low profile pockets to reduce bulk and snag hazards. There is ample room in the shoulders and elbows, allowing you to comfortably move when you're reel...
NewMustang Survival M.I.T. 100 Inflatable Life Vest
Mustang Survival M.I.T. 100 Inflata...
The Mustang Survival M.I.T. 100 Inflatable Life Vest is the ultimate choice for a Personal Floatation Device (PFD) because it is approved as Type V and Type III by the United States Coast Guard, making it perfect for commercial or recreational use. This life vest is constructed with 500 denier Cordura outer shell and Membrane Inflatable Technology inside for a lightweight and flexible fit. The buoyancy provided by this PFD is more than 1.5 times the buoyancy of regular foam vests. This vest is a...
$119.99 - $144.99
NewMustang Survival Inflatable Life Vest Re-Arming Kit
Mustang Survival Inflatable Life Ve...
The Mustang Survival Inflatable Life Vest Re-Arming Kit contains everything you need to re-arm your inflatable after deployment. Use only Mustang Survival re-arm kits with your Mustang Survival inflatables. Use of other re-arm kits may result in improper operation or failure to operate. It will also void your inflatable’s warranty.
$24.99 - $79.99
NewMustang Survival Elite 28 Inflatable Life Vest
Mustang Survival Elite 28 Inflatabl...
The Mustang Survival Elite 28 Inflatable Life Vest is built on a revolutionary aerodynamic 3D chassis that drastically reduces drag at high speeds. Shaped for optimal mobility and all day comfort, the wide shoulder system eliminates neck fatigue. Powered by Hydrostatic Inflator Technology, the vest will automatically inflate quickly when immersed in at least four inches of water. Trusted by anglers across the globe, this Inflatable Life Vest is USCG approved as Type III for recreational use and ...
NewMustang Survival DLX 38 Inflatable Life Vest
Mustang Survival DLX 38 Inflatable ...
The Mustang Survival DLX 38 Inflatable Life Vest features a perfect blend of premium in-water performance with refined styling and enhanced comfort to be one of the most popular PFDs on the market. A favorite among big-water adventurists, coastal cruisers, and boaters seeking high buoyancy flotation, this vest provides 38 lbs. of buoyancy when inflated. This Inflatable Life Vest is classified as Type III PFD from the United States Coast Guard. For all day comfort, its new design fits better arou...
$149.99 - $169.99
NewMustang Survival Accel 100 Fishing Vest
Mustang Survival Accel 100 Fishing ...
The Mustang Survival Accel 100 Fishing Vest features the highest available speed-rating on the market today. Designed and tested by professional anglers, this fishing vest provides outstanding durability, ultimate comfort, and increased safety. Approved by the United States Coast Guard as a type III flotation aid, it features dynamic strength-tested construction for superior safety. Made specifically for fishing, this vest is constructed with segmented foam that flexes as you move, allowing you ...
NewMustang Survival Traction UV Gloves
Mustang Survival Traction UV Gloves
Light Gray
The Mustang Survival Traction UV Gloves were designed to keep your hands protected and cool while you're busy on the water hauling in fish! Constructed of a UV treated polyester and Spandex blend, these lightweight gloves provide UPF 50 protection. Its extended wrist and index finger coverage reduces the chances of blisters and cuts from handling your line. The palms of these gloves feature AX Suede G-Series overlays with perforations for unmatched wet grip, abrasion resistance, and improved ven...
NewMustang Survival Taku Bibs
Mustang Survival Taku Bibs
The Mustang Survival Taku Bibs are designed for seamless integration with the MJ1000 Taku Waterproof Jacket. These bibs have been designed with subtle features to endure the wettest days. The Mustang Survival Taku bibs provide a completely dry solution to any wet situation. Whether you are wading, paddling in cold weather, or just don't want to get wet, the Taku Bibs have got you covered. They feature a light, functional, snag-free design with reduced bulk to improve your mobility while you're f...