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Offer AvailableMusky Mania Li'l Ernie
Musky Mania Li'l Ernie
8 Colors available
The Musky Mania Li'l Ernie was specifically designed for casting and trolling in deep ledges or on the open water. Guide proven for both fresh and salt water, this lure features the look and presentation of escaping baitfish. Constructed of ultra-durable plastic with an integrally molded dive lip, Li'l Ernie can hold up when its being banged around on the bottom or chomped on by predatory fish. The Musky Mania Li'l Ernie is made in the U.S.A.
Musky Mania Li'l Doc
Musky Mania Li'l Doc
8 Colors available
The Musky Mania Li'l Doc is a classic walk-the-dog topwater lure that features a triggering side-to-side action. The hard plastic body paired with a tapered construction cause the fish's teeth to slide over the surface rather than penetrate the lure, allowing for quality hookups every time. The Li'l Doc is enhanced with internal rattles and hand-painted designed that fish can easily target.
Offer AvailableMusky Mania Jake
Musky Mania Jake
7 Colors available
The Musky Mania Jake is known as the number 1 big minnow bait on the market. Its narrow, flat-sided body combined with a high-impact lip creates a wobbling and flashing action in the water. This bait mimics a struggling baitfish, driving large trophy fish crazy!
$13.99 - $21.99
Offer AvailableMusky Mania Deep Diver Ernie
Musky Mania Deep Diver Ernie
8 Colors available
The Musky Mania Deep Diver Ernie is an exceptional trolling bait for open water or in a deep ledge. This lure can also be utilized as a casting lure or fished as a versatile twitch bait. In the water, the Ernie creates a tight wiggle, emulating a baitfish. Its durable plastic body and molded dive lip will stand up against a rocky bottom or aggressive fish.