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MarCum LX-9 Digital Sonar/Camera System

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Product Details

Product Details

Sometimes nothing beats having eyes on everything, that's where the MarCum LX-9 Digital Sonar/Camera System comes in. This camera system has been built with the optimum blend of sonar design from MarCum's LX Flasher series and Digital Fish Finding technologies. A true breakthrough in "big picture" ice sonar, the LX-9 presents anglers with an incredible interactive ice fishing experience in a panoramic 6-inch LCD screen which includes four vividly rich color palettes. MarCum has forever transformed the game of ice fishing.

The LX-9 features a fully user-defined on-screen LCD that displays digital depth, battery voltage, range, sensitivity (SENS), 12-level interference rejection (IR), and target adjust. This camera's Multifaceted Sonar Display also gives anglers the ability to fully customize window views, including water-column vertical, vertical zoom, flasher-dial, and traditional widescreen LCD graph displays. The Sonar Footprint technology displays scan area at any depth, with either the 8 or 20 degree transducer cone angles. This provides a keen awareness of fish targets relative to the transducer, and your lure; and also helps prevent adjacent (non-MarCum) sonar users from picking up interfering LX-9 pulses by avoiding the footprint area. All LX-9s come preloaded with the full menu of MarCum's patented features.

  • Underwater Camera/Sonar with DVR combo
  • 8-inch Flat Panel (800 x 600px) Color LCD with Video out
  • Intelligently managed sonar engine, driven by 4800-watts PtP
  • Four user-selectable sonar color palettes
  • Industry-exclusive Sonar Footprint technology displays area of bottom coverage at any depth, with either 8-degrees or 20-degrees transducer cone angles
  • Patented Infinitely Adjustable Zoom and Bottom Lock Zoom
  • Patented 12-level Interference Rejection (IR)
  • Adjustable Scroll/Ping rates
  • Transducer offset settings
  • Fish ID with Depth
  • Color/Black & White Camera with on-screen displays of: Temp, Depth, Relative Direction
  • User defined screen options include; All camera, all Sonar, Split screen, & heads up display {HUD}
  • Built in DVR for recording and on-screen playback. Records to SD card
  • Video out & Video in
  • Solar intelligent display
  • Darkwater LED Lighting Technology
  • Sony Super HAD II CCD, .01 lux camera with 75-feet of cable
  • Includes rechargeable 12-volt 9-amp battery, automatic charger and deluxe padded softcase
  • Snow Shield Faceplate included
  • MarCum Automatic Camera Panner Included
  • Temperature Capable when used with optional High-Speed Transducer

The MarCum LX-9 Digital Sonar/Camera System is made in the U.S.A.

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