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Luhr Jensen Hot Shot Rattle

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Product Details

Luhr Jensen Hot Shot Rattle lures are extra-deep-diving, self-planning, high-action plugs especially suited for big water or deep runs. These lures are designed with a built-in deep-diving planing bill which makes it dive when pulled through the water - the faster they are pulled, the deeper they dive. Hot Shot Rattle lures feature an ultra-loud rattler chamber, compact body, high quality, 2X strong trebles, and quick, wide and aggressive action.

Hot Shot Rattle lures are primarily backtrolled for river steelhead and salmon. The smaller sizes are outstanding as trolling lures in lakes or drift-fished lures in streams for trout. For trout, fish them behind a lake troll or flat line them far behind the boat on lakes, cast them cross-current and allow them to swing through likely holding spots on rivers. "Tune" each lure for maximum success by making small adjustments to the screw-eye line attachment (if the lure runs to one side, slightly rotate the top of the screw eye in the opposite direction). In any application, brace yourself for savage strikes.

  • Ultra-loud rattle chamber
  • Designed for large trout, salmon, and steelhead applications
  • High action trolling and back trolling plug
  • Diver that floats at rest
  • Round bend treble hooks
  • Model: 5434-035
  • Length: 2 1/2 in.
  • De pth: 12 ft.
  • Treble Hooks: Two # 2
  • Qty. per pack: 1

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Siver Hot Shot 35

by -

Glad you had them

whoafish charters

by -

we used the lurejensen hotshots on our charter drift boat and they triggered very agressive strikes from chum salmon.. koho or silver salmon season is just a week or two away and we are confident that the hotshots will be equally effective for that speices as well. we fish the Kitimat river in Kitimat b.c. Cananda on the north central coast. We have used the larger hotshots very succcessfully for Chinook or kings as they are called by some.

Intriguing Lure

by -

I've only experimented with this lure a few times and I'm impressed with its wide aggressive searching action. Trolls great at around 1.5 - 2.0 mph and have been trolling it in lakes for walleye. I've caught some nice fish on it and think it will work even better in a river with some current. The only modification I would recommend is to swap out the treble hook for a VMC Sure Set or go with a single hook to increase its action at slower speeds.

hot shot steelhead plug

by -

The hot shot 35 is effective for fall steelhead fishing. The plug is very durable for the abuse it receives from river steelhead. Great action! Lure action is even better when the treble hook is swapped out for a 3/0 single hook. Luhr Jensen color combinations are great! Steelhead really like the slammer and grinch colors on a sunny day.

Hot Shot Steelie

by -

Hot Shot 35's work great in the river for steelhead! I usually replace the treble hook with a 3/0 single hook but otherwise they are great right out of the package.