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NewLucky Craft Pointer 100DD Jerkbait
Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD Jerkbait
6 Colors available
The Lucky Craft Pointer 100DD Jerkbait is the best deep diving minnow jerkbait offered by Lucky Craft. Its sleek body combined with an elongated lip allow this bait to dive deeper than other jerkbaits on the market. Internal weights help create a wide wobble swimming action and a slow suspension when paused. This jerkbait features a rattle system to better attract those deep trophy fish. It is finished with 3-D eyes and a realistic paint job that drives fish crazy!
NewLucky Craft LC Crankbait
Lucky Craft LC Crankbait
6 Colors available
The Lucky Craft LC Crankbait features a high quality plastic square bill that creates a hard wobbling action. It is constructed of a high floating plastic that is incredibly durable. It can really hold its own when you're fishing those rocky bottom areas where bass like to hide. It features two ultra sharp hooks to make sure when a trophy fish takes a bite, it stays there. This crankbait is finished with a realistic color pattern.
$6.99 - $7.99
NewLucky Craft LV 500 Lipless Crankbait
Lucky Craft LV 500 Lipless Crankbait
7 Colors available
The Lucky Craft LV 500 Lipless Crankbait is a favorite among all anglers, pros and amateurs alike! This unique crankbait can be cast long distance and swims quickly through the water to locate fish fast. Its brass and glass rattling system that attracts bass like no other lure. It features a natural shape and tight vibrating wobble action that drive fish mad. This crankbait is a must-have item for your tackle box!
NewLucky Craft Slender Pointer MR
Lucky Craft Slender Pointer MR
13 Colors available
The Lucky Craft Slender Pointer MR creates an erratic side-to-side action on the retrieve and also a horizontal suspension effect on the pause. It features a patented weight transfer system that allows it to be cast quickly and far. The Slender Pointer has an internal rattle system to better attract fish from afar. To increase hook-up rates, this stickbait has three ultra sharp hooks. It is finished with realistic color options to match any fishing condition.
$18.99 - $19.99
NewLucky Craft Sammy
Lucky Craft Sammy
7 Colors available
The Lucky Craft Sammy is the ultimate top water bait if you enjoy the "Walk the Dog" technique. It features a cupped face, standing posture, and a unique body shape that helps create an irresistible swimming action. The cupped face allows the bait to spit up a small amount of water as it moves across the surface. Its banana shaped body combined with the ultra natural coloring enhances the realistic look of the bait, easily tricking trophy bass to take a big bite! This tournament proven hard bait...
$15.99 - $16.99
NewLucky Craft Pointer Jerkbait
Lucky Craft Pointer Jerkbait
11 Colors available
The Lucky Craft Pointer Jerkbait features a revolutionary design that utilizes special brass weights that gives it a very low center of gravity. This causes the jerkbait to wobble and vibrate when the retrieve has been paused. Short twitches of your fishing rod will create the Walk the Dog action under the water. The combination of slow suspending movements with the Walk to Dog technique perfectly mimics a wounded baitfish. This effective jerkbait is finished with ultra realistic colors, making ...
$14.99 - $16.99