Livingston Lures Flatmaster Crankbait

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The Livingston Lures Flatmaster Crankbait combines the allure of a flat-sided crankbait and modern technology to form one of the most advanced fishing lures ever designed! The creation of Team Livingston pros, the Flatmaster Crankbait appears like a normal 2.32 in. flat-bodied duck-billed diver (6-10 ft.) with 2X Strong VMC BN, Flatmaster - #6 X2 hooks. Yet in that body is encased an EBS smart chip which, when activated, emits biological sounds of the baitfish that all species of bass, muskie, walleye, pike, redfish, and speckled trout make meals of. The Flatmaster not only acts as a baitfish underwater, but it sounds like one, too! Livingston Lures states the sound emissions doubles the range to call in opportunistic predators. This lure is designed to work under cool water fishing conditions, such as found overnight and when cast into shady areas during the day. Try it in all seasons and bring the noise and lower the boom with a Livingston Lures Flatmaster Crankbait!

  • Designed for tough weather conditions and cooler waters
  • Floating action
  • Features EBS smart chip that produces baitfish sound
  • Hooks: 2X strong VMC BN, Flatmaster - #6 X2
  • Qty. per Pack: 1


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