Lindy River Rocker

Item No.: 117975
1 available colors
Aunt Creepy
3 1/8 in.SKU: 117975
Cranking Depth
4 - 5 ft.
Trolling Depth
11 - 13 ft.
5/16 oz.
Treble Hooks
Two # 4
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This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

Lindy River Rockers are extremely versatile lures that run true whether in calm waters or heavy currents. These lures feature a curved body shape that produces a wide rocking wobble action when cranked or trolled. The extreme action produced will draw strikes from a wide variety of species. The Lindy River Rockers really shine when fished in the current, either back-trolled or anchored and fished from a stationary position.

  • Premium components, proven to stand up to the toughest of freshwater species
  • Extremely stable body style enables trolling at any speed
  • Designed and built for performance right out of the box
  • Can be cast, flat-lined, or used with downriggers
  • Qty. per pack: 1

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This Lure Flat Out Catches Fish!


This is basically the same lure as the discontinued Heddon Tadpolly. Looks like this one may be discontinued as well. Sad.... If you are a steelhead enthusiast, you need this lure in your tacklebox. Start with it first. The gold red head often called a Pirate, is one of the best. The white red head is very effective. The wire frame goes through the lure making it tough at nails and isn't going to blow apart on you when you hook into a big fighter. Will work for walleye, bass, trout, salmon, strippers. Saltwater or fresh. Works to troll, cast, back troll, etc. Send LureNet an email and ask them to bring it back into production. Fishing enthusiast need this lure back in production!

A much-needed update and reincarnation of the classic Heddon Tadpolly - must have!

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Being an admirer of the out-of-production Heddon Tadpolly, I was curious about these so I ordered a few. Very nice product! The small size matches the 'Tiny Tad' and the larger the 'Tadpolly' quite closely in shape and design, with the same sturdy brass hook and snap attachment points. The Lindys have added to the mix nice bulging side-eyes, something very much missing from the old lure. The colours are very intense and the paint appears durable. Highly recommended!

Great for Hogline for winter run stealhead!

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All colors and sizes seem to work for salmon. good also for kokanee!

River Rockers

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this is a great lure which tracks well out of the box and offers multiple colors and sizes.

Lindy River Rocker

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I just started using them and im pleased with them.