Lindy Glow Spoon

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Featuring a glowing light and tungsten rattles, the Lindy Glow Spoon attracts fish and triggers strikes unlike any spoon on the market. Built with durable ABS material, the Glow Spoon has a unique shape with dimples on the bottom to produce a deadly, erratic action that walleyes, crappies, and other gamefish cannot resist. Outfitted with replaceable glow light sticks, you can light up the underwater world making it incredibly easy for hungry fish to find and attack. The glow spoon's tungsten rattles transmit fish-attracting sounds and vibrations to call in curious fish from a distance. Look no further for your new secret weapon; the Lindy Glow Spoon makes predators strike.

  • Lights up the underwater world making the spoon easy for predators to find and attack
  • Unique action drives predators to strike
  • Tungsten rattles attract game fish from a distance
  • Glow sticks are replaceable and can be purchased in handy 3 pack refills
  • Qty. per Pack: One glow spoon, three glow light sticks, and tool for easy glow stick removal

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