Lindy Darter

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Product Details

The Lindy Darter features a rattle chamber that mimics the sounds of a distressed baitfish and attracts fish from long distances, and the erratic darting action closes the deal, evoking savage strikes from walleye, sauger, pike and other predators. There is no need for added attractant in the form of minnows or waxies on this lure. This lure comes complete with premium treble hooks and an incredibly lifelike, holographic finishes never before seen on a hard-water lure. Lindy Darters are changing the way anglers think about ice fishing techniques.

  • Premium lifelike holographic finishes
  • Loud rattle chamber
  • Erratic darting action in baitfish patterns
  • Qty. per pack: 1

Lindy Darter is made in the U.S.A


Ratings & Reviews

17 Reviews


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This jig is just awesome. No need to apply bait to it. In my case anyway. The rattles inside attract fish. When using this, ice fishing I could see many fish come in on my flasher. Great for crappie, perch, and pickerel.

12 inch perch

by -

Its easy to use , drop it down to the bottom reel up a foot or two and jig it until u find a pattern that works. Found a school a 12 inch perch that couldnt resist and with them super sharp hooks its hard to miss them.

Looks tasty, but no fish.

by -

Worked as intended, but fishing was slow.

Good for bigger fish

by -

These darters in the smallest size work great for big panfish and bass. When you are looking for bigger fish, break these out and they will come right in!


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Love these for ice fishing largemouth! The smallest size is perfect when targeting the roaming bass, and don't be surprised when a crappie or bluegill grabs on. Seems like a big bait, but the fish go nuts over them!