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Ice Fishing Pre-Season ChecklistIce Fishing Pre-Season ChecklistAre you fully prepared for ice fishing season? Double check this list to make sure...Read MoreChoosing a Noodle RodChoosing a Noodle RodFishing steelhead or salmon? Find out why noodle rods have become an essential tool...Read MoreStreamers Are For SteelheadStreamers Are For SteelheadLive baits and eggs aren't the only baits that can get those steelhead biting...Read MoreA 3-Tier Popper AttackA 3-Tier Popper AttackFishUSA Ambassador, Mark Maule utilizes a 3-tier approach to popper fishing for multiple gamefish species...Read MoreBig City Bass FishingBig City Bass FishingUrban fishing can provide an excellent opportunity for catching trophy bass...Read MoreFishing Rod Repair TipsFishing Rod Repair TipsAccidents happen. Be ready for the unexpected with these fishing rod repair tips...Read MoreSmallies After The SpawnSmallies After The SpawnThis is a time of year when the water temperature is still cool, and the bronzebacks need to feed and recuperate from the spawn....Read MoreA Beginner's Guide to Fly TyingA Beginner's Guide to Fly TyingThough fly tying can seem very overwhelming at first, it can be made easier by following these tips...Read MoreSummertime Boss BluegillsSummertime Boss BluegillsAsk most folks what’s the first fish you have ever caught? The bluegill will most likely be the answer....Read MoreStream Fishing for Smallmouth BassStream Fishing for Smallmouth BassWhen late spring weather patterns hit the northern reaches of the US, anglers will be plentiful, boat ramps will be busy, and bass will be hungry...Read MoreThe Best Ways to Catch BassThe Best Ways to Catch BassEveryone enjoys catching bass in different ways. Anglers become better at some techniques than others. I am no different. These are my top 10 ways...Read MoreA Kayak Angler's Top ProductsA Kayak Angler's Top ProductsI've seen a lot of anglers who are a little intimidated about kayak fishing. In reality, I am fishing with the same equipment that folks are using from shore......Read More


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