Using Fishidy to Locate and Catch More Fish

May 15, 2017

Using Fishidy to Locate and Catch More Fish

Fishing maps are without a doubt one of the best tools you can use to help pinpoint the spots you want to hit on your next fishing trip. With Fishidy, not only do you have access to an interactive map, but you have the advantage of being instantly connected to local anglers, fishing tips and proven hot spots you won’t find anywhere else. Here’s how Fishidy can help you catch more fish next time you’re on the water!

Fishidy user catfish

Local Waterway Info and Tips
When heading to a new body of water for the first time having insider knowledge can make all the difference between catching fish and casting into any empty water column all day long. Start by searching for your waterway on Fishidy. Often you’ll find background info describing the area, seasonal movements of certain species of fish, stocking info, and basic tips that can provide you with a general game plan for your upcoming outing. Having this knowledge under your belt will already set you ahead of other anglers.

Waterway tips on Fishidy.
Waterway tips on Fishidy.

Marked Fishing Hot Spots®
If you really want to eliminate unproductive water and focus your fishing on high-percentage areas, then use Fishidy’s marked Fishing Hot Spots®. These proven fishing spots - complete with local fishing tips from pros with recommended presentation and favorite lures - will give you the confidence that you’re in the right places at the right times. This level of info isn’t available on all waterways, and only accessible by Premium Subscribers, but it’s invaluable when you really want to head straight to trusted spots and you have a limited amount of time.

Fishing Hot Spot on Fishidy map
Fishing Hot Spot® on Fishidy's maps.

Publicly Shared Catches
Another great aspect of Fishidy’s social community is you have the advantage of viewing other members’ publicly shared catches. Granted, not everyone shares their “honey holes” all the time, but plenty of anglers out there are willing (and excited! ) about sharing their success on the water with others. As you follow new anglers in your area, you’ll begin to build your network of “insider knowledge” and be that much much further ahead of the game knowing when and where that next bite is likely to occur.

Example of a logged catch on Fishidy.
Logged catch on Fishidy.

Whether you’re new to a body of water, or you’re a seasoned angler, look to Fishidy to provide an edge on locating, catching and having more fun on your next fishing trip.

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