Top 10 Trout Baits for 2017

April 28, 2017

Top 10 Trout Baits for 2017

Trout season is here and it’s time to restock and update your trout arsenal. While we all have our go-to baits, it’s always good to try new baits and tactics when heading into a new season. Here are ten trout baits to try this season:


Acme Kastmaster
The Kastmaster is very simplistic and does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary. These baits have a standard minnow profile and a very contained wobble. Kastmasters are unique because they will not twist your line and do not require the use of a swivel. They can be retrieved or jigged and can be fished at any retrieval speed. This bait is, by far, one of the most diverse trout baits.


Berkley Powerbait 3 in. Floating Trout Worm
These Floating Trout Worms are already a staple for many trout anglers. With a large variety of color options and multiple ways to fish them, they are a great option. They can be jigged or simply drifted under a float and they will produce fish. They also have the classic Powerbait scent that drives trout crazy.


Worden’s Original Rooster Tails
The Rooster Tail Spinner should be one of the first lures every trout fisherman purchases. They can be fished fast or slow and come in several sizes to target all fish. With different blade color options, they resemble either a baitfish or an insect pattern. These are extremely diverse and are highly regarded as a top trout bait.


Berkley Gulp! Alive! Minnows
These Minnows have been a huge success for panfish over recent years, however, they are also great for trout. Typically, the one-inch model works best, but the larger two-and-a-half-inch model has proven itself with more aggressive fish. They can be fished fast or slow and can be tipped with a jig or maggot. The scent on these baits will draw fish in all by itself.


Acme Little Cleo Spoons
Little Cleo Spoons are known more for their dominance of steelhead and salmon fishing, but they work great for small trout as well. They have a contained, yet erratic, action and come in a wide variety of colors.


C.P. Swing Spinners
Sure, they may not look like much, but these lures catch fish. The C.P. Swing is one of the most “old school” baits on the market and has a huge following of anglers. This bait is known for being a top producing, go-to bait for trout year after year.


Rapala Original Floaters
If you have not used the Rapala Original Floater for trout, do yourself a favor and at least give it a try. They come in a variety of smaller sizes and can be retrieved at nearly any speed. With a very lifelike appearance and action, they will fool even the most stubborn trout.


Leland’s Trout Magnet
The Trout Magnet is a proven trout catcher. They work best when tipped with a jig or maggot under a float. When fished using the correct colors and conditions there are not many baits that will outfish a Trout Magnet.


Mepps Aglia Spinners
This is another classic bait that many anglers have named a staple when it comes to trout fishing. The Aglia Spinner will spin at even the slowest speeds and its construction will make it through several trips and even more fish.


Dynamic HD Trout
This is a new lure on the market that is already proving to be an instant classic. With a good minnow profile and colors specifically designed to target trout, the Dynamic HD is a great bait for aggressive trout. From casting to trolling, this bait can produce trout of all sizes.

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Acme Kastmaster
Acme Kastmaster
47 Colors available
Acme Kastmasters feature a balance that produces wild lure action without line twist. Because of the aerodynamic design, these are great distance casting lures. Kastmaster's catch fish from pan sized trout and panfish to bragging size salmon and stripers, in both fresh and saltwater. Machined from solid brass, these lures won't break, bend, or corrode and retains their luster even after repeated uses in saltwater Acme Kastmasters are made in the U.S.A.
$2.99 - $8.99
Acme Little Cleo Spoon
Acme Little Cleo Spoon
44 Colors available
Acme Little Cleo Spoons are very versatile, taking various species of gamefish around the world. Acme Little Cleo Spoons are available in a wide variety of sizes and colors suitable for use on a variety of gamefish, ranging from trout and panfish to stripers, pike, and muskie. The unique hump-backed shape of the Little Cleo results in a seductive, wiggling action as the lure is drawn through the water. The illusion created is one of a baitfish, acting in an erratic, confused manner. This trigger...
$3.49 - $7.99
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Minnows
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Minnows
6 Colors available
Berkley Gulp! Alive! Minnows provide more attractant and better action than other minnows on the market. They feature a realistic profile and split tail to entice and trigger strikes from panfish and trout. These minnows are packaged in Berkley's "Magic Gravy" that enables you to recharge your baits by putting them back into the jar. With a natural presentation in action, scent, and taste, the Gulp! Alive! Minnows easily replace the real thing for increased durability and longer lasting results....
$5.99 - $9.99
Berkley PowerBait Floating Trout Worm
Berkley PowerBait Floating Trout Worm
11 Colors available
The Berkley PowerBait Floating Trout Worm harnesses the exclusive PowerBait technology that releases scent and flavor better to attract more fish. As a fish bites more, additional scent and taste is dispersed into the water. The Berkley PowerBait Floating Trout Worm features dynamic action and lifelike appearance that replicates a real worm. The fish won't know the difference!
C.P. Swing Spinner
C.P. Swing Spinner
3 Colors available
C.P. Swing Spinners are a classic tackle box staple. These inline spinners are great for a wide range of fish from panfish and trout to walleye and pike. The beaded bodies and scaled blades provide multiple reflective surfaces that flash during the retrieve, just like the natural scales of a fleeing baitfish or minnow. C.P. Swing Spinners brass models feature both brass blades and brass beaded bodies. The silver-brass models feature matte silver blades and brass beaded bodies. Each package con...
$4.99 - $5.29
Dynamic HD Trout
Dynamic HD Trout
17 Colors available
The Dynamic HD Trout is used by anglers across the United States because of its versatility. Although this lure was designed for trout, it is excellent for catching a variety of species. The Dynamic HD Trout offers a real life-like profile, plus exceptional casting distance, swim action, and maneuverability. This crankbait can excel in many types of waters - from rivers, streams, and large lakes to non-current waters like small lakes, reservoirs and ponds.
Leland's Trout Magnets
Leland's Trout Magnets
15 Colors available
Leland's Trout Magnets are a favorite of trout and panfish anglers across America. Trout Magnet Lures feature a lead free, size 8 - 1/64 ounce shad-dart jig head combined with a 1 1/8 inch split tail worm. These tiny lures perfectly replicate the larval insects, crustaceans, and fish fry that make up the majority of what trout and panfish feed on. We stock the Leland's Lures Trout Magnet Lures in eight colors. Each package contains two jig heads and seven plastic bodies.
Mepps Plain Aglia Spinner
Mepps Plain Aglia Spinner
25 Colors available
Mepps Plain Aglia Spinners are the "Original French Spinners" and are the World's #1 fishing lures. These spinners have a classic design and superior quality. No other lure has caught so many record fish. Undressed Mepps Aglia Spinners offer a smaller profile than dressed spinners. Size 0 spinners are perfect for panfish and small stream trout. Size 1 and 2 spinners are perfect for larger stream trout and large bluegills, sunfish, and crappies. Size 3 spinners are great for smallmouth bass and w...
$3.29 - $4.49
Rapala Original Floater
Rapala Original Floater
24 Colors available
Rapala Original Floaters feature balsa wood construction with a natural minnow profile and premium black nickel VMC treble hooks. Each Rapala lure is hand tuned and tank-tested to ensure world renowned action straight from the box. Rapala Original Floating Lures are still Rapala's best selling lure and the number one "go-to" lure in tackle boxes across the globe.
$6.49 - $10.49
Worden's Original Rooster Tail
Worden's Original Rooster Tail
26 Colors available
Worden's Original Rooster Tails were developed in the 1950's by Howard Worden as one of the most productive lures ever invented. The action of the spinning blade in combination with the colorful, pulsating hackle tail makes the Rooster Tail irresistible to any gamefish. It's a lure that consistently catches fish. Original Rooster Tails are available in a large variety of colors and sizes so you are sure to find one just right for any fishing situation. The 1/16 and 1/24 ounce are great for panfi...