The Best Ways to Catch Bass

May 21, 2018

Everyone enjoys catching bass in different ways. Anglers become better at some techniques than others. I am no different. These are my top 10 ways to catch a bass.

10. Jerk bait: After a long winter and hard water, I am usually ready to get out by early spring. Very few techniques are as productive after ice-out than a jerk bait. Top choices: Megabass and Lucky Craft.

9. Drop Shot: I am not a finesse fisherman, but numbers 9 and 8 have to be on the list because they flat out catch fish. I would guess that a drop shot is a technique that has caught more fish and won more tournaments on the Great Lakes than any other in the last 10 years. Top Choices: Gary Yammamoto Shad Shape Worm and Poor Boy’s Erie Darter.

8. Tube: I rely heavily on a tube when I need a bite. Sometimes old bait fall out of favor with anglers, and that only makes them more productive. If I absolutely have to catch a smallmouth, you can bet there will be a green pumpkin tube on the end of my line.

7. Senko: Not the most exciting way for me to fish, but it flat out works. Top Pick: There is only one choice, the original Yamamoto Senko. They don’t last very long, but will out-fish any knock-off out there when fished weightless Texas rig or wacky style. I feel 5” is the best overall size.

6. Jig: If I am looking for a big fish, or a tournament upgrade, I will be flipping, pitching, or casting a jig. Top picks: Keitech M1 Casting Jig, and Buckeye Jigs.

5. Spinnerbait: I put this in the same category as a tube. A spinnerbait has lost favor among anglers after the invention of the chatterbait and swimbaits. I believe this has made it even more effective. Top pick: War Eagle.

4. Sight Fishing: Although in the north this is a limited window of opportunity, it can be an exciting one. Anytime you can look at the fish you are trying to catch, it is very exciting (or frustrating if they won’t bite!). Top pick: white tubes.

Paul McCue FishUSA Ambassador The Best Ways To Catch Bass

3. Flipping and Pitching: One of the best ways to get a big bite! Top picks: 20 lb Sunline fluorocarbon, tungsten weight, 4/0 or 5/0 hook and a Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver.

2. Buzzbait: Listed at number two because of how visual it is. Spend the first hour or two of the morning throwing a buzzbait looking for a big bite. Don’t be afraid to pick it up again if the wind picks up in the middle of the day. Top pick: Terminator T1 Buzzbait.

1. Froggin’: My favorite way to catch a bass. Hollow body frog over weeds, slop, or around bushes. So visual, so exciting, so explosive, and so much fun! Top picks: Snag Proof and SPRO.