10 Tips for Better Fish Pictures

February 23, 2018

Roger Hinchcliff Steelhead Picture FishUSA
  1. Hold the fish horizontal, never vertical. Do not squeeze the fish - always handle with care.
  2. Never put your fingers in the gills.
  3. If your license or state allows you to keep a hatchery fish for consumption that’s your right and business, but blood turns many people off - as well as shots of stringers or ropes hanging from the fish’s mouth. Why detract from the beauty of the fish?
  4. Keep fish in the net or water for a quick photo if releasing. In some states, the fish must stay in the water. Check your regulations and laws.
  5. Always use a flash to eliminate shadows. The extra light makes the fish and the angler pop and show up better.
  6. Have your buddy help you position the fish and make it look better to his or her eye. They can see what you can’t see. Communication is important.
  7. Try experimenting with different shot angles. Some angles will turn out much better than others. You will be happy you tried other shots. Take lots of photos with today’s technology. You can take hundreds of shots in a day and edit or delete the ones that didn’t turn out.
  8. If extending the fish to make it look bigger, keep in mind this is frowned upon by most. Instead, fill the lens with the fish and the subject. If making the fish bigger is the shot you’re after. Focus on the eyeball of the fish. This will give you a great shot every time.
  9. Always take some scenery shots. Tell a story with your photos so your friends and family will appreciate it more. Let’s not forget we also visit some beautiful places when we fish.
  10. Always keep your camera dry and ready to capture that moment, if weather allows.

These tips are just my opinion and I’m no way an expert or a professional photographer, but I have taken over 3,000 photographs of fish. Hopefully, you will find some of these tips useful on your next fishing trip. Enjoy the day and the fishing. Don’t forget to share with all of us - everyone likes looking at fish porn.

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