Spinning Rods for Jig Fishing

July 30, 2018

On this issue of Tech Tips, FishUSA Pro Staffer Tony Roach describes some of the features he looks for when jig fishing with a spinning rod. Feel is one of the most important characteristics to jigging, and can mean the difference between detecting a strike or ticking bottom.

Products featured in this video:
Rod: St. Croix Legend X Spinning Rod
Hoodie: FishUSA Digital Camo Performance Hoodie
Hat: FishUSA Richardson Trucker Hat

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Offer AvailableNorthland Banana Bug Jig
Northland Banana Bug Jig
6 Colors available
The Northland Banana Bug Jig is molded from heavy weight tungsten to provide a compact profile that plummets to the bottom through brush quickly. The banana-shaped profile is proven successful against the toughest perch, sunfish, and crappies. These tungsten jigs are great for use in deep water as well as jigging around brush. The unique shape resembles a feeding minnow fry when bottom pounding. Pair this jig with a small minnow for a lively flutter motion.
Offer AvailableNorthland Bro's Mud Bug Jigs
Northland Bro's Mud Bug Jigs
6 Colors available
Northland Bro's Mud Bug Jigs have a heavyweight, fathead bug body. These jigs offer a lifelike bug profile that appeals to all types of panfish. The bulging bug eyes and bright colors are sure to catch the attention of a fish.
Offer AvailableNorthland Fire-Ball Jigs
Northland Fire-Ball Jigs
4 Colors available
Northland Fire-Ball Jigs are premium quality, round ball-head jigs. They are molded on short-shank, wide gap, live bait hooks. These jigs are painted with vibrant and durable enamel and urethane finishes, providing proven fish attraction. Northland Fire-Ball Jigs feature a "trailer hitch" on the bottom of the jig to attach a Sting'r Hook. The Northland Fire-Ball Jigs are the hottest jig on the Professional Walleye Trail. Each package contains six jigs. Northland Fire-Ball Jigs are made in the U....
$3.99 - $4.49
Offer AvailableNorthland Impulse Mini Smelt
Northland Impulse Mini Smelt
8 Colors available
The Northland Impulse Mini Smelt is a top tier soft bait that has been proven to be 143% more effective than other leading brands. This package is full of minnow imitations that are molded from quality soft plastics and feature the perfect GliderTail. This tail design lets it jut, glide, and juke through the water like a real minnow! The Impulse Mini Smelt is an effective bait all year long, through the ice, in the creek, or in open water.
Offer AvailableNorthland Impulse Paddle Minnows
Northland Impulse Paddle Minnows
6 Colors available
Northland Impulse Paddle Minnows have a MicroPlankton instinctual attractant coating, making them a threat to bass, walleye, pike, and other predators. These Paddle Minnows have a t-shaped paddle tail that creates a lifelike underwater movement that is very effective in attracting fish. Northland Impulse Paddle Minnows can be used in a variety of ways to fit your fishing style. Anglers can have fun experimenting with different erratic retrieves and movements to mimic a distressed baitfish to get...
Offer AvailableNorthland Impulse Smelt Minnow
Northland Impulse Smelt Minnow
5 Colors available
The Northland Impulse Smelt Minnow's erratic darting and jutting action of a distressed baitfish, backed up by Impulse's scent, will have fish coming out in droves. Featuring a sleek aerodynamic minnow profile and colors that simulate natural prey, this rugged baitfish is perfect for any outing. Built to withstand the rigors of continuous fishing, these durable soft baits will outlast any live bait.
Offer AvailableNorthland Sink'n Jig
Northland Sink'n Jig
8 Colors available
Northland Sink'n Jigs feature highly attractive, brightly painted colors and premium hooks. These jigs utilize a DuraFinish coating to ensure the colors are long lasting. A target eye is painted on each jig head to provide additional attraction and increase fish strikes. Sink'n Jigs are built with a specially designed bait collar that securely holds baits like soft plastic minnow, worms, grubs, and live baits in place.
Offer AvailableNorthland Slurp! Jig Heads
Northland Slurp! Jig Heads
5 Colors available
Northland Slurp! Jig Heads are the perfect jig for soft swimbaits. These jig heads sport a big bite hook to secure your target fish. The BarbWire collar fastens the head firmly to any soft bait without tearing large openings into it, ensuring future use of your precious baits. Slurp! Jig Heads are painted in a variety of colors to suit your jigging needs and even come in an assorted colors pack.
$2.99 - $5.29
St. Croix Avid X Spinning Rod
St. Croix Avid X Spinning Rod
9 Models available
The St. Croix Avid X Spinning Rod is a spin off of the popular Avid series rods, so bass and walleye, beware! This rod has the feather light classic SClll graphite blank with IPC tooling technology that offers smooth action, increased strength and sensitivity. The Avid X Spinning Rod features a Kigan Z micro-guides to minimize weight and maintain proper ring height with the reel line guide to direct line flow efficiency. These micro-guides have slim, strong aluminum-oxide rings and gunsmoke fram...
$199.99 - $209.99
St. Croix Legend X Spinning Rod
St. Croix Legend X Spinning Rod
5 Models available
The St. Croix Legend X Spinning Rod contains a combination of proprietary technologies to give anglers the ultimate advantage in tournament-grade performance. High-performance proprietary SCVI and SCV graphite offers maximum power and strength with low weight. Taper Enhancement Technology provides curved patterns for improved action and sensitivity.
$399.99 - $409.99