Soft Bait

Definition of soft bait

A soft bait is any lure made of a flexible, typically rubberized material imitating baitfish and other forage. Soft baits can be molded into realistic bait imitations for larvae, worms, minnows, tadpoles, shellfish, amphibians, larger forage fish and small mammals. Scent can be added into the material before being molded, or infused after. Soaking and storing soft baits in salt is also a popular method to increase their effectiveness.

Variations of the term soft bait

• Rubber worms
• Grubs
• Creature baits
• Frogs/croakers
• Tubes
• Trailers
• Twister tails
• Swimtails
• Paddle tails
• Beavers
• Soft plastics

How to use soft bait in a sentence

Tubes are my favorite soft bait for targeting crappie in the spring.

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