Patagonia Women's Spring River Stockingfoot Chest Waders

February 17, 2017


Hi, my name is Bart Bonime and I’m here at The Fly Fishing Shoe 2017 in Somerset, NJ. We are here to talk about Patagonia’s Women's Spring River Stockingfoot Chest Waders. All of our waders feature a four-layer fabric package: the face fabric, the waterproof breathable barrier, a hydrophilic laminate on the backside of the barrier (designed to pull moisture away from the body so it’s a highly breathable fabric package), and then the interior liner.

There are a couple features the differentiate our product from others in the building. Number one is the drop-down front. You can wear the product as a pant. Number two is a quickly release system. There is a buckle in the back which allows the wearer to drop the back of the wader and pull it up discreetly, making it easier to relieve oneself in the field. There is an interior waterproof pouch to make sure your car keys are kept safe. There is a front waterproof pocket and interior handwarmer packets.

One of the things we’ve designed is a single seam up the back of the leg. This means there is only one seam out of the major wear zone (between the legs), so it’s a far more durable construction.

Lastly, our women’s wader features a 100% poly-grid in the booties, which keeps your feet far warmer than conventional neoprene.