Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boots

February 17, 2017


Hi, I’m Bart Bonime here at The Fly Fishing Show 2017 in Somerset, NJ, talking about the Patagonia Foot Tractor Wading Boot. This awarding winning boot is award winning for one very good reason: It’s the only boot in the industry that features aluminum traction. For those you not familiar with it, we use the softest aluminum alloy available, and unlike felt, which grips to the surface area, this deforms to the rock. You literally stick to the rock and have to adjust the way you wade. Rather than slipping into a spot where you feel safe, this literally sticks to the rock. It features a sticky rubber sole with lugs. All of the aluminum bars are replaceable. The aluminum bar replacement kit includes a wrench to change the bars once they wear out. The lifetime of the bars depends on the weight, the type of terrain, they should last at least 100 days. When it comes time to replace the bars, you just have to order the replacement kit and it can all be done at home.

In addition, we have monofilament mesh drainage, a big, aggressive rubber rand to protect the foot, a reinforced toe box and heel cup. For anyone who has worn these, they are a complete game changer. They are $279.99 and, without question, have the world’s best traction. The only word of caution, I would say, is to keep in mind that the rock has to have some type of texture in order to be effective. The only two places these boots do not excel is ice and really slick rock, like bedrock or granite. These rock types are really isolated to certain areas of the midwest and pretty unusual. Outside of those cautions, these are literally game changers. You do not have to worry about wearing these in somebody’s boat because these actually wear down to be like 100-grit sandpaper, so in and out of a drift boat is fine. You can also feel comfortable hiking in them. These great boots with the world’s best traction are available at FishUSA.