Booyah Prank Lipped Popper

August 9, 2018

The Booyah Prank Lipped Popper is an innovative addition to Booyah's line of fishing baits. With the ability to fish like a topwater popper, and also dive to shallow depths, this lure is perfect for a wide variety of bass fishing situations. With a variety of colors, this bait is sure to catch and impress.

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Offer AvailableBooyah Boss Pop
Booyah Boss Pop
12 Colors available
The Booyah Boss Pop delivers versatile and easy-to-use topwater action that bass will crave. Whether you’re popping or walking or any other technique in between, this bait is deadly at any retrieval speed. The Boss Pop features a shallow cupped mouth to create extra splashing to imitate distressed baitfish, and combined with the enticing colors and feather-dressed treble nothing will be in between you and the next strike.
Offer AvailableBooyah Pad Crasher Frog
Booyah Pad Crasher Frog
9 Colors available
The Booyah Pad Crasher Frog is made to get strikes in the heaviest, thickest vegetation and cover. Walk the dog easily in open water with the Pad Crasher Frog’s specially-designed belly and hollow body with a drain hole in the tail. Tough enough to take the biggest bite and designed well enough to get it, this is the bait for bass anglers to entice the nastiest bass out there.
Offer AvailableBooyah Pad Crasher Jr. Frog
Booyah Pad Crasher Jr. Frog
5 Colors available
The Booyah Pad Crasher Jr. Frog is rough and tough bass catchin’ action in a small sized frog bait. Walk the dog easily in open water with the Pad Crasher Frog’s specially-designed “bass boat” belly and hollow drain-thru body with a drain hole in the tail. Durable and virtually snag proof, this bait is good enough to nab the nastiest bass out there in the thickest vegetation and cover.
Offer AvailableBooyah Prank Lipped Popper
Booyah Prank Lipped Popper
8 Colors available
The Booyah Prank Lipped Popper is an excellent choice for heavily fished waters. This deadly hard bait has a unique design that allows it to be fished on the top like a traditional popper or cranked through shallow waters. Featuring a cupped and shaved mouth, the Lipped Popper spits water to get attention on the surface. It has a small lip with a shaved back to help it dive and swim in the water with a unique style in the water that is sure to attract monster fish. The trailing treble is accentu...
Offer AvailableBooyah Squelcher Buzzbait
Booyah Squelcher Buzzbait
6 Colors available
Slow down, but keep spinning in the strike zone with the Booyah Squelcher Buzzbait. Its unique, S-curved blade cups more water to add more drag, so you can fish it slower without sinking. The blade sits upon a concave rivet to create its distinct "squelching" sound when it spins, drawing bass into the area. As it spins counter-clockwise, the blade also ticks against the thick wire frame for added vibration and sounds. With a quick-planing head and oversized bead, this buzzbait is virtually weedl...
Offer AvailableBooyah Toad Runner Frog
Booyah Toad Runner Frog
9 Colors available
The Booyah Toad Runner Frog is the perfect topwater soft bait for bass fishing in dense vegetation. Its modified Pad Crasher frog body is hollow and features a unique consistency to ensure solid hook-ups every time. The added side rails help it skim across the surface of the water while staying completely upright. Its 360-degree rotating tail creates quite a commotion as it slaps the water, producing noise and bubbles. A wire inside the tail allows you to adjust the sound or action to fit your f...