A Kayak Angler's Top Products

May 21, 2018

Mark Maule FishUSA Ambassador A Kayak Angler's Top Products

I've seen a lot of anglers who are a little intimidated about kayak fishing. In reality, I am fishing with the same equipment that others are using from shore or in a regular boat. When you get down to the bare necessities, anyone can take their usual rods, lines, lures, and jump in a kayak and start catching fish. Of course, there are some products specifically designed for kayak fishing that will make things easier on the water. My list of top fishing products probably looks pretty similar to many others, which I hope means that they are leading to success for you as well.

I have been using Shakespeare Ugly Stik rods since 1995 and in my household, we only use these rods when spin fishing. Strength and versatility of the species that I fish for are the two big reasons I use these rods. They are tough, durable, and I trust they are going to work. They have helped me land thousands of fish since I started fishing with them, and I trust they will help me land thousands more.

Like Ugly Stik, I have been using Berkley Trilene line since 1995 as well and go with green or clear in the 6-12 lb test. Although I go with monofilament, Trilene does not seem to lose strength or stretch like other lines might when used frequently. It is easy to work with and comes in a variety of colors, test strength, and styles that let's me fish successfully in many situations. Staying with Berkley, I have been fishing with Power Honey Wormsfor over a decade as they are a great panfish bait. They catch monster bluegills, crappies, and perch any time during the open water season. The yellow honey worm is my favorite but I have also found the natural and red worms to be good choices as well.

The YakAttack Leverage Landing Net is by far the best net I have ever used in a kayak. Great grip with solid support for the forearm while landing the fish. The net also is less prone to get hook tangles because of the rubber coating. This is a scenario of where you get what you pay for without question. I've landed 30+ inch pike in the nets and I am confident they will handle even larger fish.

Just like a regular boat, I have a few rod holders mounted on my kayak. Soctty Rod Holders are a solid choice for kayak fishing as they keep the rods held tight, takes up minimal room, and are built solid. I like the Powerlock Rod Holder model. You can use them to troll while paddling or get extra rods out of the way when casting. Put one or two on each side and you have a good setup for many situations.

Senko-style worms are a staple for bass anglers. I have caught many bass with the YUM Dinger 5-inch and the Z-Man Big TRD 4-inch worms. These are 2 must-haves in my arsenal for largemouth and smallmouth bass from June through October. Mustad is a strong hook for senko-style worms. I have never had a hook break yet and the gap is wide enough to ensure proper hooksets. I like the 3/0, 4/0, and 5/0 models.

I have been using Rapala Rattlin' Raps for 25+ years and have an entire gear storage box dedicated to an assortment of these baits. My best colors are imitations of crawfish and perch. Great versatile bait that catch everything from crappies to muskies. Another Rapala product I use all the time is the Fish'n Fillet Knife. I go with a 4-inch knife because of the versatility it provides with being perfect for panfish as well as being effective when filleting gamefish like northern pike. It is a strong knife and lasts for years when cared for properly.

The Johnson Beetle Spin is probably the most versatile lure that I use in my arsenal. It catches fish during the entire open water season ranging from bluegills to northern pike. My favorites are the 1/8 oz. in yellow/black stripe and yellow/black dot.

The Yo-Zuri 3DS Vibe is a great noisy lipless crankbait that draws in smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and northern pike. The crawfish pattern is my top producer, These are realistic lures that are built to last.

Strike King Slab Hammer Tooty Fruity Tubes are a terrific bait for big panfish early and late in the open water season. The biggest bluegills and crappies I catch each year are often brought in by using Slab Hammers. They are great for using on jigheads as small as 1/64 oz. FishUSA has the best variety and availability of these lures and they are the first bait I bought from FishUSA years ago. They continue to produce and catch for me.