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Lamiglas Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod

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Item No.: 153876

Lamiglas Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod Models

PK7030SSKU: 153876
7' 0"
Line Weight
15 - 30 lbs.
Lure Weight
1 - 6 oz.
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Product Details

The Lamiglas Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod was designed by Paco Ernandez, and should be your choice of rod for kayak fishing. This powerful rod features a concentrated tip action with a strong backbone and highly durable components. The shorter rear grip will work to your advantage for increasing leverage when fishing from a kayak. The Paco Kayak Series is handcrafted with attention to detail, allowing you to fish leisurely along a quiet lake or the salt flats for larger fish. Enjoy a lifetime of kayak fishing with the Paco Kayak Spinning rod.

  • Hand-built
  • Premium components
  • Shortened graphite handle section and durable butt-cap
  • Strong EVA foam foregrips
  • 270 lb. tensile strength heavy-duty leash to attach a lanyard
  • Polished Graphite Rods (models PK722S, PK723S, PK724S)
  • Gloss Composite Rods (Models PK7020S, PK7030S)
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty

The Lamiglas Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod is made in the U.S.A.

Specific Rod Details

Model PK7020SÂ - Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod - Has the power needed for saltwater and inshore fishing. It has a tip with action that fits many techniques, just enough softness but with powerful quick response. Great for tossing jigs or bottom jigging for tautog. Throw poppers to stripers or retrieve plugs quickly. This rod is an excellent inshore kayak rod choice that allows the angler a lot of control over their fish while remaining in the 10-20 lb. line class.

MODEL PK7030S Â - Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod - One of the most dynamic saltwater rods in the world, equally adept at inshore, offshore, and everything else you may throw at it. Built for 15-30 lb. line class and has the capability of moving powerful fish of so many species. Tossing bait, swimbaits, poppers, and plugs for line-screaming fish in the salt is a total reality now. Very popular with striper anglers and capable of stronger saltwater fish.

MODEL PK722S Â - Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod - A nimble rod that casts 4-10 lb. line very well and has a telegraphic sensitivity. It's actually quite dynamic and has surprising backbone when it comes down to it. Smaller species beware, this rod is extremely capable for light tackle and aggressive fish. Can be an excellent walleye/kokanee jigging model with a sensitive tip action.

MODEL PK723S Â - Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod - Extremely fun for smallmouth or smaller inshore fish. The tip has a parabolic bend going into a solid backbone. Tons of sensitivity is sustained and available through this graphite blank and it bridges the gap well for lighter-tackle fishermen.

MODEL PK724S Â - Paco Kayak Series Spinning Rod - This rod is so versatile, it truly has one of the widest range of applications around. This rod can produce results from many bass techniques. Throw a plastic "senko" style bait with ease, toss a jig near some cover, or rip back a spinnerbait to the kayak. Just as capable for inshore fishing, this rod is also capable for salmon and steelhead fishing out of a kayak. You could drift/hardware/float fish from a kayak and it is especially solid as a twitching rod for coho and pink (humpy) salmon. The possibilities are endless, it's a true in-between rod that will fish well in so many cases.


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