Clam Jason Mitchell Meat Stick Ice Rod

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Item No.: F15019


The Clam Jason Mitchell Meat Stick Ice Rod is made with high-end materials and will quickly become your favorite rod for ice fishing. The sanded glass blank features a feather-light tip for increased sensitivity without sacrificing strength. The rod is perfectly balanced to handle heavier lures, yet still sensitive enough to feel the lightest bites. The rod is finished with lightweight silver Dynaflow guides, a high-vis bite detection tip and a P cork split handle.

  • Silver frame Dynaflow guides
  • P cork split handle to reduce weight
  • Yellow/orange high-vis bite detection tip

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6/5/2018 12:00:00 am

Cheap handle!

by Haladmir

But it did not come with reel bands as pictured above. So i used tape to secure my reel, bad idea. The first time i peeled the tape off so did the cork handle. Its not even real cork. The handle is foam wrapped in some cork sheeting that is not meant for fishing rod handles. And the only part of the handle that is actually cork, is the butt cap.

11/30/2018 12:00:00 am

Affordable with solid quality

by Dave M -

This rod has quickly become one of my favorite rods for jigging with small tungsten jogs and spoons. The tip is easy to see and with the pre-load the up bite form crappie is easily detectable. The backbone is solid and allows for quick hooksets. I have used this confidently for panfish and game fish up to 6lb LM Bass and medium Northern Pike.

12/13/2019 10:12 am

Very nice Rod

by Antonio

Back to the guy who said the cork was cheap. You're not supposed to put tape on the cork. leave the plastic wrap on the handle or put down scotch tape first so you can take better care of your rod.

12/20/2020 12:43 am

Buy one if u have the chance!!! MEAT STICK!!!!!

by Justin P. MN hole hopper!!

This is literally one of the best rod out thare !! And the price is even better!! I have plenty of custom rods... and I use this more so than the rest!!! And the handle is not cheap... use the clam reel tape!! Or plenty of other ways to attach the reel with out destroying the handle !! I’m getting another one ASAP !!! I highly recommend this rod .. and can be used for more than just pan fish!! The tip is great and transfers to back bone quick!! Big ups to Jason Mitchell and clam for this one!! I hope they never stop making this , but incase they do? I’ll have to stock up!!