Jackson Bite Angler Fishing Kayak

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This item is temporarily out of stock.

When you're looking to get out on the water, you need to do it in the Jackson Bite Angler Fishing Kayak! This kayak was designed with the angler in mind! The hull is stable and offers top of the line tracking, which means you can maneuver with ease and find all those long lost fishing spots. The Bite Angler Kayak has gear tracks mounted around it so you can easily customize this kayak with all your favorite gear such as additional rod holders or camera units. The customizing doesn't stop there! This kayak offers a MOLLE lined back panel on the seat, so you can attach whatever accessories you need and change them out for each trip.

When you seek some adventure, you have to pack for it. Which is why the Bite Angler Kayak offers a ton of storage space. Right along the side of the seat, there are two convenient spots designed for tackle boxes. These little nooks keep your tackle close, but more importantly, they prevent those lures from rolling around your feet. This kayak offers a large open bow with bungees for storing any needed gear for extended trips. The open stern offers even more storage for you, and it keeps it all within your reach! So you can keep your bait or extra tackle right near you. Lastly, they added the long-requested cup holder! So now you can pack along a drink and not worry about it rolling out of reach!

Jackson packed in a stand assist strap, so you can stand up or sit down with ease! The Bite Angler has space for up to four-rod staging areas! This allows you to run multiple rigs at once. There are two flush rod holders just behind the seat, which can be perfect for trolling because they are right within reach! Get out and start a new adventure with the Jackson Bite Angler Fishing Kayak!

  • Stable, Well-Tracking Hull
    • JK hull designers have made the Bite smooth tracking, maneuverable and stable.
  • Rod Stagers
    • Rod stagers allow for the staging of up to four rods for quick, convenient access to multiple fishing rigs.
  • Gear Tracks
    • Gear tracks are located around the Bite so you can mount additional rod holders, fish finders, camera mounts, and other accessories.
  • Tackle Box Storage
    • Surrounding the angler are storage positions for tackle boxes (3640 Plano).
  • Flush Mount Rod Holders
    • Two flush mounted rod holders behind the seat for easy access. Great for trolling for big fish!
  • Paddle Holder / Bungee Bow Storage
    • Large, open front bow deck for storage and packing of gear in dry bags give the Bite tons of packability for extended expeditions.
  • Drainage Slip & Hog Trough Pass Through
    • This gap is used for front storage area drainage, but can also be used as a hog trough slip and allows easy and convenient storage for catch, photo and release anglers.
  • Stand Assist Strap
    • Need a little help getting up or sitting down? Our handy stand assist strap will help you into and out of a standing position like a pro.
  • Transducer Scupper
    • Two front scupper holes accommodate many transducer sizes, making installation of fish finder units a breeze.
  • Stern Storage Area
    • Open stern storage area offers ample room for crates, bait tanks and expedition gear within reach of the paddler.
  • Cup Holder
    • You asked – we’ve got it! Cup holder on either side of the seat is convenient for a Nalgene bottle, tumbler…. or those lures you’d rather not have rattling around your feet.
  • Molded In Handles
    • Bow and stern handles are molded in for comfort and ease of transport. These handles also serve as a great way to lock down your kayak in your car, truck or trailer to prevent theft.
  • Updated Trimmable Ergo Seating System with MOLLE
    • Now updated with additional padding and ergonomical bend in the seat frame, the Bite seat is now locked in place with security clips on either side. It now also features our MOLLE back panel, perfect for accessorizing with any MOLLE accessory you may have. Trimmable fore and aft.

Jackson Bite Angler Fishing Kayak is made in the U.S.A

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12/13/2019 2:05 pm

The Bite is like a Sports Car

by John Billingsley

I've demo'd this boat and am placing an order as soon as they arrive at FishUSA. It not only looks awesome but it turns on a dime!

8/2/2020 9:54 pm

Love the Jackson Bite Kayak

by Lisa

My husband has wanted the Jackson Bite Angler Kayak for months, but we couldn’t find one in stock anywhere. FishUSA emailed me as soon as they got them back in stock. I called customer service and ordered it over the phone. The man from customer service was excellent. We live in Virginia and the kayak was delivered in less than a week. It was wrapped extremely well and we were very satisfied with the online purchasing process, as well as the shipping and delivery process. My husband has taken it out twice so far and he loves it! He really likes how open the deck is and that he has easy access to everything. The Kayak is very stable, the seat is comfortable and it’s easy to load and unload. He can’t wait to get back out on the water!

8/10/2020 10:29 pm


by Bobby Artis

I thank this is a Good look kayak.