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Clam Zero Fluoro Rig
Clam Zero Fluoro Rig
The Clam Zero Fluoro Rig features a sliding treble hook design that cradles any size minnow in perfect swimming position. When the fish hits, the trebles close on his mouth like a snare snapping shut. Everything lines up, so the connection is rock solid and nothing dangles. It is very common for the second hook to find the fish's mouth. Nothing to catch on the bottom of the hole.
Clam Big Tooth Rig
Clam Big Tooth Rig
3 Colors available
The Clam Big Tooth Rig features a Y-yoke design making it easy to rig bait in a perfect horizontal swimming position, so they can move freely and react to approaching fish. The Big Tooth Rig is made with the highest quality components, blood red 3X strong trebles, dependable hand crimped construction, and attractor beads and blades.
$5.99 - $6.99
Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rig
Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rig
The Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rigs are the most lethal "quick-strike" presentation in the country for Perch, Walleye, Pike and Trout. The Baitfish-Image Attractor Blade and razor sharp VMC blood red treble hook present both live and dead baits in the most natural way possible. These rigs work great below a tip-up, rattle reel or float. The Northland Fluorocarbon Predator Rigs are constructed with 7" of 15# Bionic Fluorocarbon Leader material. These rigs come one to a package.
Mason Pike Tamer Rig
Mason Pike Tamer Rig
The Mason Pike Tamer Rig features an adjustable hook spread design. This new pike rig is constructed using 30 lb. test black nylon covered stainless steel wire. The adjustable hook spread design allows you to set the distance between the treble hooks anywhere from 1 1/2" to 11" to perfectly fit the size of the bait being used. Available in three sizes.
Northland Predator Rig
Northland Predator Rig
The Northland Predator Rig is a deadly "quick-strike" bait presentation for large toothy predators; such as Northern Pike, muskie and walleye. These rigs are just as deadly whether used below a tip-up or a large float. The Predator Rig is constructed of 45# Surflon nylon coated stainless steel wire and features a "Y-Yoke Harness", designed to present live or dead bait in the most natural way possible.

At a Glance: Bait Rigs

Bait rigs are extensions of fishing line with multiple bait hooks attached. To use bait rigs, they are connected to fishing line, dropped in the water and pulled up fairly quickly. This process of catching bait is extremely effective and takes a short amount of time because there are multiple hooks on the line. Most bait rigs are equipped with small hooks and feather or string-type tails to attract the targeted species. There are several different types of bait rigs, including crappie, minnow and sabiki.

Top brands of bait rigs at FishUSA include Eagle Claw, Bear Paw, Matzuo, Lindy and Daiichi.