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ION Electric Ice Auger - 2019 Model

Item No.: 110545

This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

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The ION Electric Ice Auger is the first high performance electric ice auger. This auger features a durable blade that cuts holes just like a gas-powered auger but without the bone-jarring, out of control experience that is characteristic of power augers. The ION Electric Ice Auger is amazingly quiet and light, weighing in at only 22 pounds. With the ION Electric Ice Auger, all you need to do is charge the battery and go out on the lake and start drilling. The battery on this auger will cut up to 40 holes of 2-foot ice with a single charge. No gas, no oil, and no fumes means this auger is able to be used indoors.

  • On-board, high-energy, 40V MAX lithium ion battery
  • Easy-grip handlebars
  • Large, ergonomically positioned trigger
  • 12 inch auger extension included
  • Compact transmission with planetary gears
  • Straight tough design blades

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So far so good

by -

Just bought a few weeks ago. I live in Maine and get to ice fish a lot. Had a jiffy for years and was just sick and tired of mixing gas and pulling the cord several times and smelling of gas. Ion cuts great no sound no gas no oil. I can put it inside my truck now with no worries of gas getting inside now. Haven't seen a bad review yet of this. It's the future and it should be since its very environmentally friendly to our lakes. Love this auger, so far so good. Fish USA was very helpful too. Thanks.

Love it, but...


As I've gotten older, weight and ease of operation have become more important. In this regard the Ion electric is incredible. I'm once again actually scouting fish by drilling a lot of holes until I find them because it is now so easy. The only issue I have is that the blade seems to be getting dull. I've only drilled about 50 holes. It no longer grabs the ice and drills the hole without putting my weight on it like it first did. I couldn't find anywhere in the Battle Lake, Mn area that stocked replacement blades. I don't know if it can be sharpened but would think that it should remain sharper longer. Maybe a blade made out of harder steel would help. I would gladly pay the higher price if it were available. All in all, I'm very impressed, but will buy a couple of sets of blades before my next ice fishing outing.

Great So Far...

by -

Love this auger so far, drilled 15 holes in 8" of ice Saturday, battery still showed fully charged. I don't leave the battery at camp, bring it home and keep it in the house, says it will shorten life when stored below 7F and it's going to 20 below at camp this week. Drilling holes is SO easy now and quiet also.

Totally awesome auger


I have been ice fishing for 30+ and have an old eskimo auger probably that old,and every year I would get that auger out and fix what needed fixing,spark plus,carb needing diaphram and smelling to high heaven of gas.Again,same story this year,get it out try get running,needed carb fixed, would run with choke partially closed,take carb off,gas smell all over,and my lovely wife says"let go see what is out there." Go to LLBean,looked at augers and they have many jiffy augers but I wasn't sold on those.I spied this Ion battery auger and had to even ask what it was !!! I said,SERIOUSLY !!! As many of you know their policy is if you don't like it,blah blah blah ! So in my mind,I was going to take it out,drill hole and return it to prove it was a joke.! Well,let me tell you that this thing kicks butt!!!I totally shocked me !! It's light,it's fast,seems very sturdy,(might not last 30 years like my ol eskimo)but whew! This thing rocks!! welcome to the 21st century !!! Ice fishing made easy this year... Real easy! My wife can use it ! Can't wait to get the granson out and let them go at it! Bring on the Ice Derby's!!!!

I love this ion electric auger

by -

I tried out my new ion ice auger today. It worked like a champ and cut thru the ice very quickly without stalling even when breaking thru. It is very light wight and easy to carry around. And as you would expect it is very quiet. It seems very well constructed and rugged enough. The batteries work well. I would recommend you get a spare battery. I think it is a stretch to say it will drill 40 holes in ice two feet thick. I got 35 holes in about 10 inches of ice. If you like to search for your fish and drill lots of holes get a second battery. Jim