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ION Electric Ice Auger - 2019 Model

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This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

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The ION Electric Ice Auger is the first high performance electric ice auger. This auger features a durable blade that cuts holes just like a gas-powered auger but without the bone-jarring, out of control experience that is characteristic of power augers. The ION Electric Ice Auger is amazingly quiet and light, weighing in at only 22 pounds. With the ION Electric Ice Auger, all you need to do is charge the battery and go out on the lake and start drilling. The battery on this auger will cut up to 40 holes of 2-foot ice with a single charge. No gas, no oil, and no fumes means this auger is able to be used indoors.

  • On-board, high-energy, 40V MAX lithium ion battery
  • Easy-grip handlebars
  • Large, ergonomically positioned trigger
  • 12 inch auger extension included
  • Compact transmission with planetary gears
  • Straight tough design blades

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Been ice fishing for over 40yrs, Been there and thought I knew more than what I actually know


I brought this auger with the intent on taking it out and destroying it and returning it to get a 'real' one. My old Eskimo's 2 cycle auger's carb crapped the bed once again and didn't have time to wait on parts. My wife and I set out to do a few hours of ice fishing and when I drilled my first hole I thought it wasn't possible that it drilled like that. When drilled the 2nd hole, I was tremendously surprised. And then the most incredible thing happened, my wife drill her first hole EVER! We were sold! That was awhile back and have since bought a 10" one with reverse, and kept the old one for fast pan fishing outings.. I highly recommend this auger. I have accessories to make our outings easy such as the quick change coupler, I use the stake tool to put in stakes to keep my tent secure and spare batteries(which I keep in the tent)and the extensions (which came with both augers.) And just an FYI, we live in Maine so we get some serious ice here. I've drilled thru 20+ inches of ice.

Best I have owned


I am 57 years old and this is my forth ice auger in my life time. It is awesome. I live in Connecticut and was told about this from a pro in Minnesota. I figured if it worked out there it was worth a try here. It is light, no mix, no smell and very quiet. When one is cutting a hole, the only thing you hear is the shredding of ice. Can't go wrong with this.

light, fast, joy to run

by -

This my first ice auger, mainly because of the weight is the reason I bought it and really like it so far. Drills thru 20" of ice with no problems quietly! I do keep the battery warm in my coveralls when not using and charge it each night. It was a good choice in getting and ice auger. Price wise? Look at the price of the top of the line augers out there and they run the same cost plus gas, noise, weight. It was a no brainer for me.

part timer

by -

blades too light!! I still love it!!

an outstading auger

by -

I have had at least 3 or 4 augers over the years but this one is, by far the best. Its quiet, smooth drilling, no oil or gas smell or mess.