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Product Details

Use this Hex Nymph - 2 Pack if you want to closely resemble the upward swimming Hexagenia limbata nymph with its bulging eyes and dark wing pads. Hexagenia mayflies are found throughout the North American continent and live in high densities around the Great Lakes Region. This mayfly nymph is a significant prey item for many fish species. When young, the nymph burrows itself into sandy or muddy bottoms of lakes or slow-moving pools. Before swimming to the surface, the Hex nymph grows to about an inch long, which is why this version is tied onto a large Daiichi hook. Hatches occur after sunset throughout the year in warm weather areas and in the summer and fall in cooler climates. Trout will feed on Hex nymphs when they begin to make their appearance, which could be up to two hours before you start seeing this large mayfly emerge to the surface and take flight. Don't wait until the hatch shows itself! Start fishing it early with this Hex Nymph - 2 Pack!

  • Use for steelhead, rainbow trout, brown trout
  • Mimics the Hexagenia limbata mayfly nymph that is a significant prey item for many fish species
  • Technique: send the Hex Nymph to the bottom of a lake or slow moving stream a couple of hours before sunset; patiently lift the nymph and allow it to resettle; as soon as you notice surface activity change tactics and draw the pattern up to the top quickly to imitate a swimming nymph streaking to the topwater
  • Qty. per Pack: 2

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