Hex Dun Dry Fly - 2 Pack

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Product Details

A Hex Dun Dry Fly - 2 Pack is the pattern that you'll want to have for the Hexagenia limbata, aka giant mayfly, hatch found in almost every U.S. state and in Canada, with the heaviest concentrations being in the Great Lakes region. The large mayflies populate silty bottoms as nymphs. The Hex Dun is the newly hatched sexually immature adult after it has emerged from these watery depths and has escaped its nymphal case. This fly represents a Hex Dun floating topside with wings upright and drying so it can take flight before an opportunistic fish makes a meal of it. Warm and muggy nights (big fish love to eat at night) are favorable conditions for this hatch, which can happen year-round in warm regions and in late spring/early summer in more moderate climates. Under such conditions before the sun goes down, get ready for this hatch with this Hex Dun Dry Fly - 2 Pack!

  • Use for trout and other opportunistic fish looking for this large meal at night
  • Mimics the newly emerged and sexually immature adult Hexagenia limbata mayfly floating on top of the water awaiting its wings to dry enough so that it can take flight
  • Technique: pay attention to the weather; may need three days of temps in the 80-degree range with night temperatures from the mid-60s to mid-70s before a hatch can occur; hatches happen at dusk, so you will be fishing into the darkness; avoid using bright white lights as this will not only scare off fish, but you can ruin another angler's (and your own) night vision; use a short, strong leader; listen and hone in on a rising fish and get as close as possible without spooking it
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