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Hevi-Beads The Bead-It Tool
Hevi-Beads The Bead-It Tool
Hevi-Beads Bead-It Tool is the ultimate tool for pulling material through any fishing lure, bait, or bead. Utilizing this tool along with the Hevi Bandz (sold separately) to peg your beads is the most efficient and easiest way to do it.
Hevi-Beads Bead-It Tool Replacement Needles
Hevi-Beads Bead-It Tool Replacement...
The Hevi-Beads Bead-It Tool Replacement Needles are great for broken or damaged needles. These are designed to be used in conjunction with the Hevi-Beads Bead-it Tool (sold separately).
Hevi-Beads Salmon and Steelhead Kit
Hevi-Beads Salmon and Steelhead Kit
Get started customizing your own flies, jigs, or spinners with Hevi-Beads Salmon and Steelhead Kit. This complete kid includes 72 Hevi-Beads in assorted colors and styles, including ceramic, UV, and flash. It also includes 30 Hevi Bandz in three colors. The Bead-It Tool with three hook needles allow you to easily peg the beads. A crystal flash, and six Trokar Octopus Hooks also come in this kit. TroKar Octopus Hooks have a three-sided point and are the only hooks in the world that are surgically...
38 Colors available
Hevi-Beads are fine-tuned to create more attractive presentations and catch more fish. Combine Hevi-Beads with a variety of other components to create personalized flies, jigs or spinners. These beads not only add realistic colors to your lures, but they add weight so they'll sink quicker. Hevi-Beads are in a league of their own!
$3.99 - $5.29
Hevi-Beads Hevi Bandz
Hevi-Beads Hevi Bandz
3 Colors available
Hevi-Beads Hevi-Bandz are specifically designed with the ultimate strength and stretch. Used in conjunction with the Bead-It Tool, Hevi-Bandz are the easiest and fastest way to peg your bead to your line. They will stretch to a very small size so you can thread whatever you are working with. Once released, the band will stretch back and fill the void in the bead, so it will no longer move. Hevi Bandz soften and protect the line unlike other conventional methods.