HT Enterprises Tip-Up Spool

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Product Details

HT Enterprises Tip-Up Spools are multi-purpose spools that can be used on both wind and underwater tip-ups. These black HT Enterprises Tip-Up Spools are virtually indestructible and will withstand even the coldest temperatures.

Spool SizeDiameterWidthModel
200 ft.2 in.7/8 in.TU-2B
500 ft.2 3/8 in.1 11/16 in.TU-6B
1,500 ft.4 7/16 in.1 7/16 in.TU-8B

Plastic too thin for durability


These reals came on the 5 HT tip ups I purchased. I noticed 3 of the 5 were broken when I added line to them. The plastic material is far too thin for durability. Finding decent spools is very difficult and expensive. Especially when you need to put them on new, very expensive ($34.00ea) tip ups.

I would buy this item again

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We tip-up fish in all conditions. We use the same amount of line as the normal spools, but in cold weather conditions the spool capacity is nice to keep the lines from tangling up.

good product, easy to change, recommand.

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it`s great to change spools for différents species, for example perch versus pike..

great product little price

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these spools are durable and easy to change

just what the doctor ordered

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I looked all over to find this repair part. Reasonably priced.