HT Enterprises Polar Ice Hand Auger Replacement Blades

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$8.99 to $11.99
SKU: F10697


HT Enterprises Polar Ice Hand Auger Replacement Blades are the replacement cutting blades for the HT Enterprises Polar Hand Ice Augers. These blades are razor sharp and are annealed to stay sharper, longer. Two blades and mounting hardware are included.

  • Compatible with the HT Enterprises Polar Hand Ice Augers
  • Annealed to hold their edge longer
  • Includes all mounting hardware

has short life

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thing that aren'tso great about it

Great Blades...very fast.

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Product works very fast, doesn't take alot of effort to get through 20+ inches of ice.

Great product

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Just as advertised

Good replacement blades

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were the right replacement blades I needed for my auger. [...]Set screws were not long enough; had to find my own screws to fit

Worst blades ever


Bought 3 sets of these blades hoping to be set for the long haul. They are of a very different design than what came on the auger originally, and far lower quality. Of the six blades, one is sharp...unfortunately for me it takes two blades to cut a hole, so I'm SOL. Replacement blades are machined so poorly and with tooling marks so deep, that the blades are essentially serrated. The won't even come close to cutting ice. These blades are cheap and there is a reason for that. Save your money and go buy a better product get what you pay for and I got taken by Polar and HT Enterprises.

Good Blades

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The screws are too long and makes drilling in hard ice more difficult. Had to trim. Blades are good and sharp.


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very sharp and works likes there supposed to. check allen screws often after every few holes. my last set of blades is at the bottom of the lake. they loosen up no matter how tight u make them.

Excellent Replacement

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These blades took five minutes to install. I went out ice fishing the other day and they are actually sharper than my factory set blades, believe it or not! I can't think of anything negative to say!


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Exact Fit for my auger. Super Sharp. Fast shipping.

OEM Replacement blades.

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These are Quality original HT replacement blades for a 7 inch HT Polar ice auger. I put them on my 8" auger to try to get the holes a little smaller and easier to drill as I was using a cordless drill and adapter(Milwaukee M18 Fuel.. works GREAT btw) I had to cut down mt 8" auger to get the 7 inch blades on them(they will fit PERFECTLY if you order the correct size) Man, do they cut holes! These are so sharp! You seriously have to be VERY careful to not cut yourself. They are sharper than any knife you have... really. My friend wanted to see if he bent the end of the auger while pulling it out of the hole, and he was wiping off the snow from the end of the auger/blade.... He cut through his glove and all the way to the bone in his hand with hardly any pressure. Also`, don't try to sharpen them, you'll just mess them up like I did. They stay sharp for a long time.

HT Enterprises Replacement Blades

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I don't know what I was thinking in my first post about the size of my blades on my 6" auger, they fit perfectly. FISH USA customer service is 2nd to none, very prompt shipping. Look forward to continued business with FISH USA.

Very sharp blades that match up perfectly. Fish USA has awesome customer service.

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Very sharp blades that match up perfectly. Fish USA is one of the very few places that I could even find replacement blades for my 6" HT Enterprises Polar hand auger. Great customer service and very prompt shipping.

awesome fit

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decent price, great delivery, made my auger like new -- will buy again