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HT Enterprises Fisherman Tip-Up

$11.99 $9.59
Item No.: 100429

This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.


This item is no longer available. Please see similar items.

Product Details

The HT Enterprises Fisherman Tip-Up is constructed of high-impact plastic that is stronger than wood and will not break in cold conditions. The bi-directional flag trip release allows spool to be wrapped in either direction, while the plastic-coated blaze orange flag is durable and extremely visible.

  • 8 in. grease filled tube for trip-shaft to prevent freeze up
  • Ultra smooth trip mechanism
  • Bi-directional flag trip release
  • High-visibility blaze orange flag


An added "tweaking" to allow more drag control on spools.


Although it's been years since I've bought mine, they are still in use every year. One thing I did to make them more efficient and easier to adjust (for drag purposes) is to add a washer on either side of the spool, with a large enough diameter to allow for adequate friction. You can then apply as much drag as you want and it eliminates some of the spool "wobble" when you loosen the wing nut for more free movement on fish that drop baits when they feel resistance.

It works decently for the price

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Definitely worth it for the price. Comes with some line on the spool, which I had to replace. The wing nuts on the legs are cheap and tend to strip out. The drag works well. The flag design is prone to wind tripping and is sometimes hard to keep behind its catch.


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works well, good price, [...]

Compact. Simple to Use.

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I have only had 1 chance to use so far. Easy to set-up. folds up small, will be using again this weekend.

waste of money,total garbage

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flags fell off,spring very weak,thumbscrews too small