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Gusto Dixie Spinner Crawler Harness

10 Reviews
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The Gusto Dixie Spinner Crawler Harness is a quality nightcrawler harness. The rigs are tied in New York with quality components. They have a heavy monofilament leader with loop end, colored beads, a single No. 4 willowleaf spinner and two size 2 hooks.These crawler harnesses are very popular when trolling for walleye, but they can also be cast with added weight.

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Ratings & Reviews

10 reviews

I would buy this lure time and again.

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These lures are similar to other lures but with the beads and eyes. The lure performed in an outstanding performance behind pop gear. Fishing with downriggers and two out rods we landed over 3 dos rainbow trout and 6 kokanee salmon. Missed a lot of strikes to be expected.Used Shoepeg corn 2 per hook only.

love it for every type of fishing

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use it every time i go fishing for every type of fish

good stuff

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It's a good all around tackle. I've caught walleye, trout, bass, catfish, just about everything fresh water will hit on it. Was using it for Trout this spring. Typically use it for Walleye in the summer.

I'd buy it again



The best all around lure for Trout

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I purchased Prismed lures that are outstanding. I use 2 pieces of white corn on each hook. This lure has outfished large night crawlers. This lure has helped us catch over two hundred rainbows, cutthroats, hybrids, anhd kokanee salmon this season. Have told many of my frinds with like results.

A real walleye producer

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I use only the Green Prism color. I fish the Cabonga lakes in Canada, which is about 200 miles north of Ottawa, twice a year. I started using the Green Prism Gusto spinner 2 years ago, because it was used by a couple of other parties. The Gusto spinner is used to troll for walleyes. We use 2 sinkers, one just above the spinner and another (usually heavyer) about 15 inchs up the line. Normally a crawler is used but sometimes a minnow is used. On these lakes, we have found that the Gusto spinner is much more productive than the use of a jig. Much of the lake bottom is sandy so trolling works quite well in most parts of these lakes. Also one can cover a larger area more rapidly than using a jig and find the walleyes. We also spend about half our time fishing with spoon hooks for Northern pike and usually bring home limits (6) weighing 5 to 10 lbs. The pike also hit the Gusto spinner and it is the rare case that the tough Gusto spinner will be damaged. When trolling with the Gusto spinner, we do not cast out the line to reduce line tangling and twisting. One has to learn from experience as to how much line to let out and how to adjust the weights to accomodate various depths. The Green Prism Gusto spinner has been a real walleye producer for us.

#1 in my box


I'm out to catch fish so I use the best tool in the box. For bass walleyes northerns and perch nothing will beat them. After thirty years I've of using Dixie Spinners I'll give my endorsement and smile

I bought different colors

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I use it trolling for trout. Used various lures with no luck. I put this rig on and started catching fish trolling the same area.

Great Product

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Resembles "willow leaf" spinners I used to tie myself that worked very well on fish that were in deep water. Used the lure with a 3 way swivel and 1 to 2 oz sinker to get to bottom or where fish were suspended. Worked particularly well for Walleye in Lake Erie on the PA side.


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