Gulff Basic UV Flashlight

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Product Details

Product Details

The Gulff Basic UV Flashlight is well-suited for curing the UV resin you build onto your fly creations! Citing experts, Gulff states its Basic UV Flashlight's 365nm wavelength actually provides more wavelengths to better activate the resins than 395-405nm UV LED lights. The Gulff UV Flashlight produces a light spectrum that synthesizes better with the absorption ability of the photoinitiator that exists in most UV-curable resins. Less expensive UV curing options are available, but to better suit resin curing needs, a well-matched Gulff Basic UV Flashlight is the ticket!

  • 365nm wavelength optimally suited for UV resin curing
  • No flat or zoom lens due to less loss of light
  • High quality LED chip
  • Customized light control mirror
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Package includes: 365nm, 3w powerful flashlight/18650 rechargeable battery/USB charger


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