Gruv Fishing Hard Bait Box

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Product Details

Product Details

The Gruv Fishing Hard Bait Box is the box you need to keep your hard baits organized and safe! This box is perfect for most jerk baits, lipless crankbaits, and small to medium lipped crankbaits! Made from a durable polycarbonate shell, this box is built to last! With flexible silicon anchors, this box can hold between 14 to 30 (depending on size) hard baits of all different shapes! These silicon anchors keep the baits secure, preventing them from tangling and banging off each other. The Hard Bait box features a clear lid, making it easy for you to see what is inside without having to open it. When you do need to get inside it, the neodymium magnet is easy to open for quick access but offers a strong closure for storing. Keep your hard baits looking their best with the Gruv Fishing Hard Bait Box!

  • Secures hard baits up to 5/8 inch wide and 1 inch tall
  • Ideal for most jerk baits, lipless crankbaits, small to medium lipped crankbaits, etc.
  • Silicone anchors provide strong and durable storage for various shapes and sizes of baits
  • Polycarbonate shell for maximum strength and durability
  • Neodymium magnetic closure for strong but quick access to tackle
  • Clear lid for maximum visibility
  • Stainless steel hinge pin
  • Securely holds between 15 large and 35 small baits
  • Patent Pending Silicone Anchoring Technology

Terrific 5-star lure boxes

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These 9" by 6.75" by 2" boxes are excellent. They are built of tough plastic that is neither brittle nor too flexible, engineered to nest one on top of another, with the lids held securely closed by three pairs of tiny rare earth magnets, and the soft silicone lure holders work perfectly and are raised so hooks hang safely below. I am using mine for spoons and each box holds 21 (14 3.5-4" and 7 2.5-3") with no possibility of tangling or rub damage and easily retrievable (one at a time) in a rolling boat while trolling for walleye-salmonids. These are not suitable for muskie plugs and large crank baits with big lips, but are suitable for slender 4-5" minnow shaped lures. Highly recommended for protecting valuable baits from damage - these boxes are not cheap but neither are lures. I wish they had a 12" by 8" by 3" model for bigger items, I would snap that right up.

Not big enough


Love the box and the concept but just needs to be bigger.

Great Box


Love this box for my smaller crankbaits. Very durable and well built. This is perfect if I only want to take a few lures out and not take the big assortment. Love Gruv products

Not practical storage


Not big enough. Very limited to size of lures you can use. Also to costly. Not practical for large amounts of baits one carries on the boat these days.
Need to double the size and cut the price.



Little disappointed it said it would hold large and small crank bait it holds small but don't plan on large ones my kvd 5.0 will not fit lid will not close so better come up with one that will hold 3" and above to make this a great bait box .So this is a ok box still have to use my plastic box for may larger ones