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NewGoogan Baits Trench Hawg
Googan Baits Trench Hawg
10 Colors available
It's no secret that large baits produce large bass, and the Googan Baits Trench Hawg will help you get that trophy lunker! The big Trench Hawg features elongated claws with a raised ridge to displace more water, grabbing attention from fish in the area. Its ribbed body and restless legs help create aggressive action and vibration. Stuffed with salt and Slaunch Sauce, this special blend makes fish hold onto the bait longer once they bite. Make big bass drool for a taste of your fishing rig, use t...
NewGoogan Baits Drag N Drop Worms
Googan Baits Drag N Drop Worms
7 Colors available
Ideal for pressured waters, Googan Baits Drag N Drop Worms are a tasty little dropshot bait that bass love to slam. The Drag N Drop Worms features a shad-like profile with shell-shaped segments that produce a tantalizing quiver. The worms have a flat bottom, so they slowly glide through the water. If dropshots aren't your thing, you can also use them on a shaky head or Ned rig. Googan Baits Drag N Drop Worms are a must-have item for your tackle arsenal if you're a finesse angler.
NewGoogan Baits Krackin' Craw
Googan Baits Krackin' Craw
10 Colors available
Throw out your other artificial craws and fill your tackle box up with the Googan Baits Krackin' Craw! This versatile soft crawfish is ideal for flipping, pitching, or as a trailer for your jigs or spinnerbaits. The Krackin' Craw features a realistic crawfish profile with a raised ridge on the claws to produce a thumping action that displaces water easily. Legs on the side are restless and keep moving naturally. These tasty baits look and smell great; they're stuffed with salt and finished with ...
NewGoogan Baits Mondo Worm
Googan Baits Mondo Worm
8 Colors available
The Googan Baits Mondo Worm was made so you can land huge lunkers in your boat! The J-shaped Hyper tail gives the worm a super aggressive action, making them irresistible to big bass attacks. You can use the worm in deep or shallow water, for Texas or Carolina rigging. Between the elongated body and the salt and Slaunch Sauce infusion, bass won't be able to ignore your Googan Baits Mondo Worm.
NewGoogan Baits Slim Shake Worm
Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm
10 Colors available
Show off your finesse presentations with Googan Baits Slim Shake Worm! This worm features the familiar worm profile with shell-shaped segments covering the body that make it look more like a creature bait. The unique shells help create tantalizing action and vibration. The Slim Shake Worm is unlike the traditional plastic worms because it is stuffed with salt and infused with Googan's Slaunch Sauce to attract more fish to your area. This worm is sure to be devoured by hungry bass! Fish with the ...
NewGoogan Baits Bandito Bug
Googan Baits Bandito Bug
10 Colors available
Once bass take a big bite of the Googan Baits Bandito Bug, they're going to hold on and not let go! These bad boys are deadly when flipped and pitched on a Texas rig, shaky head, or even just on a back of a jig. The Bandito Bug is loaded with salt and the right amount of Slaunch Sauce making them more lethal than your average crawfish imitator. Its ripped body, elongated claws, and creepy side pinchers help to make these bugs swim more realistically and lively with its fast kicking action. The v...