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Gerber Neat Freak Fishing Braided Line Cutters

Item#: 194856

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Product Details

Gerber Neat Freak Fishing Braided Line Cutters are simply the right tool for the job. Braided lines eventually start showing frays when cut with regular fine edge scissors. The micro-serrations on the Neat Freak Saltwater Braided Line Cutters grab hold of the line instead of pushing it outward as a fine edge will. Micro-serrations ensure a sharp and precise cut to your braided fishing line every time! SaltRx protects the braided line cutters from corrosion and wear. Gerber employs other thoughtful built-ins with a paddle at the rear of the handle for greater cutting control, a split shot crimper, and thick blades for stability and durability. A blunt blade end lessens any damage in case you drop the Neat Freak cutters onto an open toe, and a bottle opener is designed into the Saltwater Braided Line Cutter for your favorite thirst-quenching beverage! Gotta love the little things! Most importantly, however, is the point that cutting braided lines with regular scissors leads to frayed lines eventually, and if you have frayed lines, you're not catching fish. Maintain your lines properly with the right tool for the job, Gerber Neat Freak Fishing Braided Line Cutters!

  • Dual micro-serrated blades
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Blunt nose tip
  • Split shot crimper
  • Lanyard hole
  • Bottle opener
  • Full tang
  • BearHand control
  • Forefinger pad
  • Precision Paddle
  • Manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty in North America only, 25 years limited warranty outside of North America